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Big Syke f Above the Law

  • Be Yo Self

    [Syke talking] *laughing* Shit, yeah Yeah, beam me up, The only thing on earth, that can find a satelite nigga is a black superman (Above The Law) Verse 1: See I dwell in the land where nobody else can understand How I feel the need to increase my sp...


  • City On The Hill

    Broken glass - blood felt a crash Where`s the butter baby? Hot tin roof - eighty proof - The water`s running Somewhere (so much better) Somewhere (betterthan us Somewhere (Sweet love letter) Somewhere else I rise up to the city on...

Beelow f Thug Addict, Da Ganksta

  • Ballin` 4 Billions

    Thug Addict: I get down to low down and dirty Filthy if we`re buried Old nasty ass Like they don`t bath the ass, niggaz How the fuck you think a bitch, nigga steal the green off grass Like I steal the stank off shit I`m a lyrical lunatic, paper stacked...


  • A Story Of

    Strophe 1 They try to keep you small - afraid of loosing their control (you cant be, no you cant be) But your will is getting strong - inside you feel the overcome (you can be, yes you can be if you...) Strophe 2 They watch the...


  • Break It To Me Gently

    You gotta take the first things first, I can see that look in your eye But are you looking at me, `cause you know things aren`t what they seem to be Does it matter to you, or have you played that game before I can feel you across ...

Bootleg f I.D., Ras Kass

  • Death Before Dishonesty

    [Bootleg] (talking) Yeah...Yeah... Flint-Town, Dayton Family, I.D., Killafornia, Ras Kass, yeah... yeah... For all the Sophisticated Thugs yeah, for all the Sophisticated Thugs...

Kilcher Jewel

  • Barcelona

    Barcelona: where the winds all blew The churches don`t have windows But the graveyards do Me and my shadow are wrestling again Look out stranger there`s a dark cloud moving in But if you could hear The voice in my heart It would t...


  • Above And Beyond

    I Searched for wisdom in the stars To Kill decisions from afar I looked for truth in desperate Skies A twilight screaming empty lies I asked for Life from mother earth But she refused to give me birth I Breathed the powers of the...

Blaze Ya Dead Homie f Jamie Madrox

  • 1 Less G in Da Hood

    * send corrections to the typist (Intro) You`re about to hear the tale of an indestructable man He`s dead and he`s pissed He`s roamin the streets at night lookin for ways to die Should you encounter him, the undead, the dead ass zombie do yourself a ...

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