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  • Tonight

    Mahuma Mahuma I said Mi might mi might I`ll get ya daddy if ya momma ain`t hittin it right, I said ya momma ya momma went out for the summer I got yo daddy in my drop top 400 hummer I get it hot like the shower I give ya daddy an ...


  • Coma

    "Is there an end to the coma? As we endure transformation. As we enter the beginning" No more pain, no more feeling Let it endure forever Those whose end cannot be


Benzino f Ray Ray, Case

  • Shine Like My Son

    [Benzino] Yo (oh oh oooh) Benzino (be so strong) My lil` 7 year old son (uh-huh) (Ooooooh) Rayshaun, uhh This ones for you (be so strong) [Chorus: Case] If ever your travels get lonely Your troubled and feel all alone Remember virtues I share with you...

Леонид Альтшулер


  • Believe Me

    Love, I hope you won`t be late
    You know, how much I hate to wait
    Believe, my heart is in your hands
    And our life is like a song

    When you sing along
    Baby let it go
    Believe me, believe me
    I would wa...


  • lady

    Vous devrez vйrifier par vous mкme а quels endroits les accords arrive dans la chanson c`est quand mкme trиs long sur chacun. Il faut un capo sur la sixiиme fret. Je ne connais pas le nom des accords.

mojo nixon and the toadliquors

  • are you drinkin with me jesus

    Mojo Nixon and The Toadliquors `Are you drinkin` with me Jesus?` 4/4 time, slow relaxed rythym. `Basic` strumming pattern is something like this: cc ff cc ggg gggcc ff cc gg cc C F Well I saw ya sittin` there.

Kentucky Headhunters

  • Davey Crockett

    Davey Crockett --- The Kentucky Headhunters --------------------------------------------- Born on a mountain top in Tennessee The greenest state in the land of the free Raised in the woods so he knew every tree Killed him a bear w...

mojo the helper monkey

  • 5

    Group: Mojo The Helper Monkey Song: 5 Play all through verse and Chorus: e x x x x - x x x x - x x3 x x3 5 x3 7 x3 - 5 7 5 7 ...

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