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Beatie Boys

  • Ill Communication

    i can`t stand it i know you planned it but i`m gonna set it straight, this watergate i can`t stand rockin` when i`m in here because your crystal ball ain`t so crystal clear so while you sit back and wonder why i got this fuckin` thorn in my side oh my,...

clarke stanley

  • jamaican boy

    stanley clarke jamaican boy the bass-ic collection intro/chorus pop all notes g--9h11---13p11p9----7-7---9--7--6--6^p4--4-6-4-2----------- d----------------------------------------------------------- a-------------------------------------------------...

Schwabach and Olias

  • Zigeunertango

    Schön war die Welt vor einem Jahr als ich unendlich glücklich war. Mein ganzes Dasein war erfüllt von deinem heißgeliebten Bild. Heut` hat mein Leben keinen Sinn weil ich von dir verlassen bin.


  • Eleanor

    Veiled in sunwept kisses; sullen, weak; you smiled... “You must bid me gone, love” – frailty-wracked you cried... Still upon your deathbed, your hand I held in mine...

Schwartz Sherwood

  • Gilligan`s Island

    Now sit right back and you`ll hear a tale, A tale of a fatefull trip That started from this tropic port Aboard this tuny ship. The mate was a mighty sailing man, The Skipper brave and sure.

Schwartz Stephen

  • Alas For You

    Alas alas for you Lawyers and pharisees Hypocrits that you be Searching for souls and fools to forsake them You travel the land you scour the sea After you`ve got your converts you make them Twice as fit for hell! As you are yours...

Анжелика Варум

  • Aurevoir (Оревуар)

    Темной ночью в липовой аллее Вы мне говоpили о любви Pечи становились все смелее Все смелее становились вы Pечи становились все смелее Все смелее становились вы Ах ваши очи темнее ночи И взоp пpоpочит любви пожаp Hо надо сpочно поставить точку Вы так ...

Булат Окуджава, Анатолий Миндич


  • better off without you

    Better Off Without You THE CLARKS Tabbed by Andy Smith ( This is pretty close to perfect. It`s a real easy song by a great new band.

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