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  • Eleanor

    Veiled in sunwept kisses; sullen, weak; you smiled... “You must bid me gone, love” – frailty-wracked you cried... Still upon your deathbed, your hand I held in mine...

Schwartz Sherwood

  • Gilligan`s Island

    Now sit right back and you`ll hear a tale, A tale of a fatefull trip That started from this tropic port Aboard this tuny ship. The mate was a mighty sailing man, The Skipper brave and sure.

Schwartz Stephen

  • Alas For You

    Alas alas for you Lawyers and pharisees Hypocrits that you be Searching for souls and fools to forsake them You travel the land you scour the sea After you`ve got your converts you make them Twice as fit for hell! As you are yours...

Анжелика Варум

  • Aurevoir (Оревуар)

    Темной ночью в липовой аллее Вы мне говоpили о любви Pечи становились все смелее Все смелее становились вы Pечи становились все смелее Все смелее становились вы Ах ваши очи темнее ночи И взоp пpоpочит любви пожаp Hо надо сpочно поставить точку Вы так ...

Булат Окуджава, Анатолий Миндич


  • better off without you

    Better Off Without You THE CLARKS Tabbed by Andy Smith (skunktrax@rocket2mars.com) This is pretty close to perfect. It`s a real easy song by a great new band.

Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band

  • (long) Gone

    (Kenny Wayne Shepherd/Danny Tate/Mark Selby) You can keep whatever you want baby Take whatever you need Sweep up the pieces of this broken love As a token to remember me Chorus: Don`t cry baby, you did nothin` wrong Don`t ask why ...

B.G. f Gar, Hakizzle, Sniper, VL Mike

  • Same Ol` Shit

    [Intro: B.G.] What`s happening (what`s happening) You know it`s real in the field (real, really real) You know it`s real in the hood (all the way) It`s just real in the ghetto From my block to your block (my block to your block) From my set to your set...

Kenny Wayne Shepherd

  • (Let Me up) I`ve Had Enough

    When I fell for you, baby I really met my match You use me, abuse me But I keep comin` back Let me up, baby, I`ve had enough It never seems to matter What we fight about I`m the one who winds up Down for the count Let me up, baby...

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