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MC Lyte f Gina Thompson

  • It`s All Yours

    Our love is old-school like Mary Jane`s Boston baked beans and candy canes Exchange a look on the number two train Run catch kiss sunshine or rain Jackson 5, good times the Jefferson`s Yeah Baby, you know I liked it better when You lived closer, but th...


  • love song

    Love Song the Damned I don`t know the intro This is most of the song. The bass line tends to change a little, but it`s mostly this.

MF Doom (Madvillain)

  • All Caps

    So nasty that it`s probably somewhat of a travesty Having me daily total people You can call me Your Majesty Keep your battery charged You know it won`t stick, yo And it`s not his fault you kick slow Should`ve let your trick `ho chick hold your sick g...

Suga Free f DJ Quik, Hi-C

  • Tip Toe

    [Suga Free] Oh yeah, once again your friendly.. neighbour.. hood.. player Suga Free.. is in this bitch..


  • A Little Too Far

    ======================= Do you remember Look at me And all the things we`d said we`d be We`d beat the house We`d push the odds We`d take it all we had the cards With years to burn And years to trash Living lies based on flash But ...

Mo Thugs f Felicia and Krayzie Bone

  • All Good

    (Felicia) Lately you`ve been stressin me, that`s when I`ma give you some Callin me, jockin me, sweatin me, gonna rush me none Cuz when the time is right I`m gonna let you know and, that`s for sure So wait on me, patiently, and see what I got in store I...

dance hall crashers

  • Better Than Anything

    As I was walking on the bridge the other day, I thought I saw you but you ducked and drove away. I could`ve sworn you told me that you were gonna be on the town. I wanted to make sure but I couldn`t track you down.

Master P f Ashleey

  • It`s All Good

    I`ve been tryin to call you baby, where you at? [P] I`m out here on the block thuggin [P] After this, you ain`t gon` have to want for nuttin, ya heard? [Ashleey] I`ve been waitin on you, for all night long Thinkin `bout what I`ll do when you get home ...

Jimmy James and The Vagabunds

  • Now Is The Time

    (Now!) Now is the time to set things right (Now!) Now is the time we should unite We don`t need revolutions we just need to open our eyes Revolution is no solution we ought to realise.

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