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Northstar f Freemurder

  • See Me

    [Christ Bearer] Yeah.. yeah. I get serious as church Smoking four or five bones in the zone on the mur Look, I keep it cracking up in Venice Strong-arming all the ho`s `til there`s ho`s in my tennis I get loose in the Crenshaw Plaza Me, Big Dush, the G...

Paul Kelly And The Messengers

  • (you Can Put Your) Shoes Under My Bed

    Paul Kelly (Mushroom) It`s a pretty pass How you always seem to land on your feet A little undone Anybody else by now would be cold meat Whenever you fall You can put your shoes under my bed Anytime anytime you`re passing by this ...

Slim Thug and Killa Kyleon

  • Get By Flow

    [Talking] Uh... Killa!..Aye [Killa Kyleon] You can catch me and Slim deep, coastin slabs In South Beach Miami on Ocean Ave Wit them 22 inch spinnas on the G-S car We Dirty South Rydas but we not D-S-R Or In Atlanta, we flippin thru College Park and De...

Tha Eastsidaz f CPO, Kurupt, Pinky, Xzib

  • Big Bang Theory

    Intro: Xzibit Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, what Snoop double, D O G, what, mr. X to the Z, yeah, and Kurupt The kingpin, DoggHouse Records takin over the shit in the `99 What, yeah, uh huh, yeah, bangin on you, huh It`s the big bang theory, yeah, check it o...

Алексей Скичко

  • Heretic /стихи/

    Алексей Скичко

    Нет, никогда я не любил

    Мальчишеский азарт сражений

    Не потому, что слабым был

    Или боялся поражений;

    А тратить пыл на пустяки,

Defari f J-Ro

  • Pour More Likwit

    [Defari] Man yo` glass is empty already? I just poured you one [J-Ro] It was full a minute ago [Defari] Ah yeah, fo sho it`s all Alkaholiks, Likwit crew You know me Rogran [J-Ro] What you wanna do? [Defari] Ah, you know what I`ma do..

Les Negresses Vertes

  • C`est Pas La Mer A Boire

    C`est pas la mer a boire It`s not the sea to drink Pour tous ceux qui aiment pas ca For all those who don`t love that C`est seulement pas d`cul It`s just not lucky Pour tous ceux qui n`en ont pa...

Milk Inc.

  • Alone At Christmas

    She looks outside the window
    While she`s loosing track of time
    Trying to find the reason not to cry tonight
    Outside the snow is falling
    Children sing there songs of piece
    She finds herself believing in a lie tonight...

Notorious B.I.G. f Kelly Price, Mase, Pu

  • Life After Death

    [Verse One: Mase] Now, who`s hot who not Tell me who rock who sell out in the stores You tell me who flopped who copped the blue drop Who jewels got robbed who`s mostly Goldie down to the tube sock, the same ol pimp Mase, you know ain`t nuttin change ...

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