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Morgan (Bluvertigo)

  • Canzone Per Natale

    Canzone per Natale Canzone per Natale Le finestre accese e le ombre tutte quante insieme a conversare Nelle strade tetre del quartiere un nuovo centro commerciale Alberi che puntualmente, giorno dopo giorno, vengono a mancare Canz...


  • Note

    This is a duplicate. Go to La Rissa for the complete lyrics map.
    If this is the correct name (Larissa as opposed to La Rissa)
    and you can prove it, please let me know.


Morgan Cindy

  • Listen

    Would you listen, would you listen There`s a baby crying down in Bethlehem Would you listen, would you listen To the voice of hope that`s ringing through the land People listen, listen But still don`t understand Would you listen, ...

Morgan Heritage

  • Reggae Bring Back Love

    Intro: Yeah! Oh God...we can see God bless reggae music once again It`s so nice, it`s so sweet, it`s so beautiful to see.... the people live in sweet, sweet love...

Todd Rundgren

  • A Dream Goes on Forever

    A million old soldiers will fade away But a dream goes on forever Im left standing here, Ive got nothing to say All is silent within my dream A thousand true loves will live and die But a dream lives on forever The days an...

Morgan Lorrie

  • A Picture Of Me (without You)

    Written by Norris Wilson and George Richey Imagine a world where no music was playing And think of a church with nobody praying Have you ever looked up at a sky with no blue Then you`ve seen a picture of me without you Have you wa...

Bradley Michael

  • (look Up) The Sky Is Falling

    Another winter day, Another grey reminder that what used to be has gone away. It`s really hard to say How long we have to live with our insanity. We have to pay for all we use. We never think before we light the fuse.


  • Vivons Pour Demain

    Is everybody here ? We can make a funky beat

    Y`a ceux qui marchent pour qu`on les remarque
    Ceux qui portent Versace plus que des sous-marques
    Y`a ceux qui n`visent pas la Lune mais bon
    Ceux qui ne se pos...

Bradtke and Alisch

  • Geld Und Gold

    Geld und Gold ich hab` sie nicht gewollt! Wollte nur dein Herz allein. Gold und Geld regieren zwar die WeIt ich aber wollte glücklich sein. Als du kamst da glaubte ich daß` nur die Liebe spricht.

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