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Jimmie`s Chicken Shack

  • 10 Miles

    Who`ll deny desire I want to feel what your feeling yeah I hope I`m ready pacing out the words I want you to feel what I`m feeling Though we`re not the same In these eyes, wide, Your reflection penetrates the depth of my spirit st...

Master P, Mac, Sons of Funk

  • Ghetto D

    [Master P] (Only time will tell nigga when we die go to heaven or hell nigga)(4X) When i die nigga don`t wanna go to hell though I been out here hustling trying to get dough Got da game in my vein won`t change little homies on the street know my name...

Baby Animals

  • Ain`t Gonna Get

    If all you want is a little piece of ass All you`ll get is a little piece of me You won`t get no cheap satisfaction `Cause I don`t give my love for free You`ll get your fingers burned You`ll get what you deserved And what you stand to lose, oh yeah, ye...

Mack 10 f Ice Cube, Snoop Doggy Dogg

  • Based on a True Story

    [Ice Cube] Speak on it my nigga, speak on it (and my heat go) Chorus: Only in California Where niggaz pull heat and run up on ya (get your grind on) Only in California (California) Where niggaz pull heat and run up ya (run up on ya) Ice Cube the mut...


  • Cruel Sister

    There lived a lady by the North Sea shore (Lay the bent to the bonnie broom) Two daughters were the babes she bore (Fa la la la la la la la la la) As ...


  • Life Is A Rock

    B.B. Bumble and the Stingers, Mott the Hoople, Ray Charles Singers Lonnie Mack and twangin` Eddy, here`s my ring we`re goin` steady Take it easy, take me higher, liar liar, house on fire Locomotion, Poco, Passion, Deeper Purple, S...

S.L.A.B. f Yung Redd, A3, Showtyme

  • Slabs on the Rise

    (*talking*) Yeah, these niggaz better brush their game up Trae Know I`m saying, this Yung Redd, 7-1-3 Hustlers Stackin`, and I`m S.L.A.B.

McGruff f Shay Best

  • What You Want

    [McGruff] I bag the bad chick, hair long like a Cherokee Sexy as can be, skin complexion ebony It`s ecstasy, when this girl have sex wit me I wanna give her kid or two, fulfill my destiny Yo, she choice, body all soft and moist Matter front, far scream...


  • Bloody Experience

    I remember now. Moon said take him, take / [ ...take him, take ] It was in this town / [ to start is so hard ] Thousand images in my head / [ but to continue is your faith ] Wind was very cold Weapon were my hands Blood was very ...

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