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Cam`Ron f Pyscho Drama, Twista

  • Adrenaline

    [Cam`Ron] Killa, Psycho Drama, Twista, Chi-Town to Harlem what`s really good? [Psycho Drama and Twista] Part 2, What happens, when you combine the darkness, with the light? [Psycho Drama] Yeah, I am more than compelled and honored to expel This hell ...

DJ Kay Slay f 50 Cent

  • 50 Shot Ya

    [Kay Slay & 50 Cent talking] Yo, yo, yo What the fuck poppin` man This the Drama King man Yo who there, who dat, who there man? (Yeah, yeah, it`s 50 Cent nigga) Muthafucka (What`s up man) Uh, Harlem to Queens muthafuckas (Heh, What`s up nigga) And I`ll...


  • Ballroom Blitz

    Oh it`s been getting so hard
    Livin` with the things you do to me, aha
    Oh my dreams are getting so strange
    I`d like to tell you everything I see
    Oh, I see a man at the back
    As a matter of fact his eyes are red as the...

Buckshot f Sweet Mellodye, Swan, Tone Ca

  • Feel It

    [Swan] Yo, take a walk through the Terror Dome Instead of duckin little niggas, gettin live when they hear the chrome Where them dollars at? What, nigga holla back Is what they screamin, ice gleamin on Jumanji plaque Here to rat-a-tat-tat, on a regular...

Cella Dwellas

  • Advance to Boardwalk

    [ expressions written in CAPS represent squares in `Monopoly` ] [ CHORUS: U.G. ] Aiyo, get nice Shoot dice Skip the small talk Son, advance to BOARDWALK Collectin properties and profit Expand and make dough Yo, slide past GO [ Phantasm ] Check the dr...

DJ Quik f AMG, Mausberg

  • Speak On It

    [DJ Quik] Hey! You got that see through style that I can stare through (right through) Produce a track on you, I don`t care to (I won`t do it) But I`m sympathetic to your needin` `Cause it ain`t me your wife keeps turnin` down While she`s tellin` you...


  • Abraham

    He Leute kauft beim Trödler Abraham seht euch mal um beim alten Abraham. Zog einst bis an der Erde Ende ob ich sonderbares fände Gabenlichter Götter oder Tand.

MJG f Eightball

  • Black Mac is Back

    [MJG & Eightball] Ha, ha, ha, ha Ain`t nothin` but the best (Ha, ha) Ain`t nothin` but the biggest shit goin` on nigga Hell yeah nigga, nothin` but that stay true, playa shit Baby, we gotta keep it real ya know what I`m saying Go on with your shit G (O...


  • Bleeding Hearts

    Why don`t you lay down my darling? You look as if you`re at wits end Sip this, I made it especially, my decomposing friend Oh how your eyes respond fondly, as your larynx dissolves apart Vapour emits from your delicate mouth as my...

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