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  • Blood Breeds Blood

    Just thoughts are willing to manipulate Harmony of spirit - that`s justice But that`s just a doxy - nothing too faulty I don`t want to have illusion in discovering myself I need to change and alvays change more I need colour unexp...

Barbara Dickson

  • Anyone Who Had A Heart

    Anyone who ever loved could look at me
    And know that i love you
    Anyone who ever dreamed could look at me
    and know that i dream of you
    Knowing i love you so

    Anyone who had a heart
    Would take me in hi...


  • Cadence

    Write down,to remind yourself on how it can be Heartstrings, you`re tugging at my heartstrings Helpless, I have become so helpless to your touch touch me somehow Restless, you leave me restless breathless wait for me The closer I...

Barbara Fairchild

  • Teddy Bear Song

    I wish I had button eyes and a red felt nose A shaggy cotton skin and just one set of clothes Sittin` on a shelf in a local department store With no dreams to dream and nothin` to be sorry for CHORUS I wish I was a teddy bear Not...

Barbara Mandrell

  • Ain`t It Good

    Ain`t it good to have someone to talk to someone you can trust and be proud of Ain`t it good to know he needs you and always does his best to please you Ain`t it good just be in love Nights are never cold since I`ve got strong ar...


  • 20 Minute Girl

    eu me lembro como se fosse ontem quando o coraao se partiu eu fiquei te olhando por 20 minutos e tu nem sequer me viu eu fiquei imvel no pude reagir pois na hora estava to inseguro que nao ia realmente conseguir mas hoje...


  • All You Need

    1 I can be all that you need
    If you`re willing to let me
    Let me show you just how sweet it can be
    You and me
    We can be if your mind and heart`s ready
    Baby just let me be all you need
    I`m made of things...

Venom f Conejo, Pelon

  • Wicked Women

    [Venom] What`s up perro [Conejo] Damn carnal, I got set up by one of these wicked hynas [Venom] Que quieren guerra [Conejo] Simon que si, so what`s up Pelon, what`s up Veneno You vatos gonna do me a paro I wanna handle mine [Pelon]...

Ancient Ceremony

  • Amidst Crimson Stars

    Silently the Moon fulfills Her Move amidst lovely crimson Stars He (She) who has Wilt will reach the Gate through the Moon, through me, through the proud Angel Now Silence ends, lunar Beauty ascends in charming morbid Glance The...

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