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navarro dave

  • national anthem

    The National Anthem Tabbed by: e--0-------0-5--9-7-5--------0-0-9-7-5-4-2-4-5-5--------| B----2---2------------2-4-5----------------------5-2----| G------2---------------------------------------------2--| X2 D--------------------...

Shyheim f Big Daddy Kane, G.P. Wu

  • Pass it Off (Underground Remix)

    Intro: Shyheim Yo, y`all crazy, son Big up June Lova, word up How you feel Killa Kane? Comin at`ca like this, word up Yo, this goes out to my man X 2 Cent and Tone, rest in peace, baby Representin Staten Island to it`s fullest Keith Murray in the hous...

De La Soul f Cee-Lo

  • AOI * Bionix

    [Cee-Lo] Allow me.. to break it down.. ah yea yea yea yea yeahh.. Life.. {*humming*} [Pos] This is dedicated to all my folks Diagnosed with a bad case of that proper upbringin And never took the time to fall in line or follow or swallow the thoughts O...

Lil` Bit Country

  • Shadows (Sometimes)

    Lurking in the shadows there`s a silence that sees your every move It sees the way she looks at you and everything that you do.


  • 03 Rap Up

    We got a burner Doc! Yeah, uh, yeah, y`all know what it is, uh Its Skillz We back uh I mean y`all asked for it, so I had to do it again knowhatimsayin? Yeah, `03, let`s go Yo, its the S-K-I to them Double-L-Z y`all Recappin the 2 Double-0 3 y`all R.

Вадим Казаченко

  • P.S.: Две минуты

    Две минуты Только и осталось нам с тобой Две минуты Догорая дарит любовь Звездами плачет ночь Кто может нам помочь Боль моя, надежда моя Не могу и не умею Видеть как теряю тебя Ночь, как лед Звезды не греют Две минуты Две слезы дрожат в глазах твоих...

Hugh Jackman

  • The Lives Of Me

    Ev`rywhere I go
    I`m followed by a lot of people
    such a lot of people
    It;s almost a parade
    And if you could see all the people
    They`re ev`ryone I ever was
    ANd ev`ryone I will ever be
    All the l...

case graham

  • april o neill

    April O`Neill Music and lyrics by Graham Case F C F I want to have sex with April O`Neill C F She was hot and she had a one piece out fit C F And she also had a v...

Drag-On f Eve

  • Here We Go

    Uhh, yeah, uhh Drag-On, E-V-E Bronx style Q, uhh, yeah, uhh, uhh Yeah, what, yeah, yo , yo [Drag-On] I`ma pop them guns, hit them niggas up Switch that buggy Drag, get that bigger truck Watch Drag split a nigga like he split his dutch And if y`all lov...

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