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Daddy Yankee f Lennox, Zion

  • Tu Principe

    Si tъ supieras que me pasa cada vez que te veo... (You know baby, come on...) Quisiera confesarte lo que siento, y no me atrevo... (їEntiendes lo que te digo ahora?) Mil emociones me dominan cada vez que te veo...

Elliott Missy Misdemeanor

  • Hit `em Wit Da Hee (remix)

    (featuring Mocha and Timberland) Missy: You`re not good enough to satisfy me Even with your cars and all the way wips, I won`t trip Cause I got many guys that wanna buy me French cuts for my wrist to keep me hooked smooth out and ...

Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan

  • Especially For You

    Especially for you I wanna let you know what I was going through All the time we were apart I thought of you You were in my heart My love never changed I still feel the same Especially for you I wanna tell you I was feeling that ...

De La Soul f Busta Rhymes

  • Art Official Intelligence (Mosaic Thump)

    Yeah! [Busta Rhymes] Ha ha ha-hah ha-hah ha, ha-hah ha-hah ha Ha ha Flipmode y`all, whatchu talkin bout? De La y`all, whatchu talkin bout? Whatchu talkin bout? [Dove] Yo, you gettin stomped by the marching band Keep `em shook like spray cans (it`s so...

Kylie Minogue

  • After Dark

    That`s right, Let me give you something for your appetite, You know I wanna be with you all day and night, Boy I`ll send you spinning like a satellite, Hey you, I can see you like it when you get the view, Well come on over here I...

Mr. Hyde f Goretex, Ill Bill, Necro

  • The Crazies

    The Crazies, live in the subways Completely control the underground They`re Night Raiders [Mr. Hyde] Yo Don`t be concerned about what you heard about me word of mouth Facts I`ll take the burner out and blow your fucking sternum out I`ll keep the fragm...


  • then you can tell

    From: (Andrew Rogers) Date: Thu, 21 Dec 1995 15:22:26 -0500 Subject: ./c/casinos/then_you_can_tell_me_goodbye.crd Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye (John D.

Missy Elliott f Method Man, Redman

  • Dog in Heat

    [Missy] Gimme that funk, mmm.. Funk, mmm.. yo gimme that Funk.. sho` nuff that Funk.. [Redman] Yo, yo Beware of the dogs, off the chain Fuck your whips at the club we piss in the parkin lanes Blow it up ten frames so you see it wide If your broad ain`...

Big Pokey f Big Moe, D-Gotti

  • Da Sky`s Da Limit

    bear bold, huh huh Let me hear you say [Chorus: Big Moe & Big Pokey) - 2x] (we) Ghetto fabulous (are) Ghetto fabulous (ghetto) Ghetto fabulous And we ain`t having it [D-Gotti] I be that, ghetto gutter guy Hovin` through the side, up in something fly ...

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