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  • El Capitn Es Cristo

    (Bonnie Low) El Seor marchando va Y su pueblo junto a l est Su gloria en nuestras vidas brillar Su victoria nos ha dado ya Y su brazo nos fortalecer Luchar hasta la tierra conquistar En mi vida el capitn es Cristo Andaremos ante s...

Ирина Терентьева

  • А вы смотрите не меня, прохожие!..

    Ирина Шишигина

    А вы смотрите не меня, прохожие!

    Не отводите глаз, я не стыжусь.

    Вы на зверей диковинных похожие,

    А вот зверей я точно не боюсь!


Green Lizard

  • Autumn

    You called up late
    Said you wanted to talk
    I was afraid
    Cause you spoke so softly

    You took my hand
    Slowly started to cry
    I can`t understand
    Why our season went by

    Why do leaves fall d...

Mick Jagger

  • 1/2 A Life

    We got half a life, we got half a dream We got half a love, we got half a scheme Always sitting in the darkness, I`ll wait for you Nervous of the neighbors, I`d like a hotel room Cause I`m indiscreet, can`t keep quiet Heaven I don...


  • All Screwed Up

    I don`t know if you like me but it`s true I`m totally retarded for you May look like it, but I`m not sniffing glue Or having my mom tell me what to do It always seems to be one day up and one day down I`m anticipating the day whe...

Yesterdays Rising

  • Fall From Grace

    crack the cover of any book, and begin to pathfind though-out, the life, of the story ... and you will find, that its ... written by an author of life. and i ant be there when you call me ...

B.G. f Bullet, Turk

  • Cash Money Niggaz

    Verse 1: (B.G.) Money makin` is my thing A mill is what I`m tryin` to reach Good shit to my peeps is what the fuck I preach Baby Gangsta is my title Al Kapone is my idile To protect and serve I roll with my assault rifle Jack niggaz for nothin` less ...


  • Black Glory

    Purple flames celebrate the new warrior`s feats while dry tears take the old triumphs to a silent death The old men`s corpses consumes in an obscure dust while the new secret shines in a golden aura Past glories could rejoice only...

Big Moe f Ronnie Spencer, Tyte Eyez, Z-R

  • Confidential Playa

    (Ronnie Spencer vocalizes through whole song) [Chorus: Z-Ro] I`m still a player, a confidential player I`m just trying to do something right, so let me live my life Even though I`m still hustling, I know you want to see me struggling But at least I`m ...

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