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Shaggy feat. Brian and amp; Tony Gold, S

  • Hey Sexy Lady (Remix)

    [Intro] Sean Paul: Dedicated to all sexy ladies Shaggy: Jamaican gal sexy [Sean Paul] Yeah mon!!! cock it up now, buff it up now, cock it up now Buff it up yo!!! [Shaggy] Uh! Sean Paul, Brian And Tony Gold may yuh know one time, Shaggy!!! [Sean Paul...

Master P f Drumma Boy

  • There They Go

    [Chorus: Master P - repeat 2X] Where them thugs at - there they go Where them thug girls at - there they go Where them ballers at - there they go If you came to get buck then throw yo` hood up [Drumma Boy] I pull up at the club, drinkin and I`m gettin...


  • All Over You

    Oh no, hey hey Made up my mind, wasn`t gonna do it this time You called tonight, and suddenly I`m thinkin`, oh my If you`re only gonna break my heart again I don`t wanna be the fool who lets you in Lets you in, can`t let you in O...

Big Moe f D-Wreck, Tyte Eyez

  • Hell Yeah!

    Hell yeah, I`m back... [Hook - 2x] (hell yeah) I get money (hell yeah), I get do` (hell yeah) I wreck the club (hell yeah), I wreck the show (hell yeah) I wreck shop (hell yeah), tops drop (hell yeah) body rock (hell yeah), it don`t stop [Big Moe] He...

new radicals

  • Could`ve Been

    The flowers you gave me Are just about to die When I think about What couldve been Makes me want to cry The sweet words you whispered didnжЉ° make a thing I guess our song is over Cause we began to sing Couldve been so beauti...

Stagga Lee

  • Roll Wit MVP

    (2X) La la la la la La la la la la La la la la la la la la la la la [Chorus] (3X in the background) La la la la la La la la la la La la la la la la la la la la la We be like They be like And everybody`s feelin` right singin` They singin` We singin` T...

Bad Cash Quartet

  • Amuse You

    I don`t know The first thing about our wicked generation Strength and do are not me Say I`ve noticed that you have noticed me I`m dying to amuse you I used you to get laid And I will surely burn If you want to see me burn I`m dying to amuse you I used...

Mary J. Blige f Mobb Deep

  • Deep Inside (Remix)

    [Prodigy] First of all we the one and only Infamous and Mary Blige Coming straight, ghetto poetry And ain`t nothing changed but the size of the money I`m still that same `g` Can you say the same thing? [Havoc] Must be blind to the fact Mary Queen on t...

Sylk-E. Fyne f Chill

  • Romeo And Juliet

    1 - It`s like Romeo and Juliet Hot sex on a platta` just to get you wet You`s about to get in somthin` you will never regret And it`s gonna be the bomb this is what I bet Yep! It`s like Romeo and Juliet Hot sex on a platta` just to get you wet ...

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