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Jake Owen

  • Ain't Here To Talk

    I been watchin' these wannabe cowboys
    Getting turned down like a radio
    I been sittin' here watching you
    Thinking of one or two new ways to say no
    But you been tappin' them Tony Lamas
    You got one thing on y...

Lyrics for Jamelia

  • No More
    Mmm... Yeah yeah No more, no more, no more, no more No more trouble in my life No more tears over you to cry No more breaking me inside No more hurting me, no more lies I walk away with my dignity You can't take that away from me No more,...

Lyrics for James Blunt

  • 1973
    Simona You're getting older The journey's been Etched on your skin Simona I guess i know this We seemed so strong We've been there and gone I will call you up everyday saturday night And we both stayed out 'til the morning light ...

James Morrison

  • Better Man
    There was a time I had nothing to give I needed shelter from the storm I was in And when it all got too heavy You carried my weight And I want to hold you And I want to say That you are all that I need For you, I give my soul to keep You see me...

Jamie Foxx feat. Kanye West

  • Extravaganza
    [verse 1] Last night me n my dawgs were hanging out Tired of being cramped up in the house We were simply celebrating life Off from work today so it's alright But all those ups n downs had me in a twist Started dancing wit this model chick And then...

Jamie Foxx feat. Ludacris

  • Unpredictable
    [Jamie Foxx] Yeah ladies I know you tired of the same old thing, Things have become so mundane I mean your bedroom is so cold, so cold but I’m here to tell you I got a strategy we bout to heat it up (O I like that) [Chorus] Girl get comfortable we...

Jamie Foxx feat. Twista

  • Dj Play A Love Song
    [Spoken Jamie:] I know you see me lookin' at you And I know he know you lookin' at me Well....damn [Chorus] DJ won't you play this girl a love song She really needs to hear this freakin' love song She's lookin' at me kinda hard, I can tell that t...

Текст песни Jamie T

  • Calm Down Dearest
    Big bang, where we going? What we doing this night? Feeling drunk already, Maybe drink got spiked But, more like the other like that im just a lightweight but i dont care man I been drunk forever, I’m sedated Hatred, I’m sedated, pages, I’m sedate...

Jamie T

  • If You Got The Money
    If you've got the money I think it would be funny ah ah oh To take your girl and spend a bit of your cash for me Cos' then she might be happy No longer lonely ah ah oh And I could take her out the next day for pretty much free Dah dee doo dahdah d...

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