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Ashanti featuring Shi Shi

  • Colors Of The Wind

    You think you own whatever land you land on The earth is just a dead thing you can claim But I know every rock and tree and creature Has a life, has a spirit, has a name You think the only people who are people Are the peop...

Le Couple

  • Wishes

    I looked in the sky and there I saw a star shining so bright above I closed my eyes and wished upon the star that I would fine true love Someone who needed me Someone to share my life For a love that would be true I would wait for...

Le Forestier Maxime

  • A Sert Quoi Tout A

    Paroles et musique : Maxime Le Forestier 1973 by ditions Concidences 1 Un beau matin On vient au monde Le monde N`en sait rien Puis on grandit On recommence La danse De la vie Et puis on use nos mains continuer le chemin Qu`avai...

Half-A-Mill f Spice 1

  • Bounce

    [Chorus] New York gon` bounce to this D.C. gon` bounce to this Houston gon` bounce to this L.A. gon` bounce to this A.T.L. gon` bounce to this N.O. gon` bounce to this Jersey gon` bounce to this V.A.

Who, The

  • 5:15

    Why should I care, why should I care?

    Girls of fifteen
    Sexually knowing
    The ushers are sniffing
    The seats are seductive
    Celibate sitting
    Pretty girls digging
    Prettier women....

Nixon Mojo

  • Burn Down The Malls

    Burn down the malls Burn down the malls Burn down the shoppin` malls I said Burn down the malls said burn down the shoppin` malls burna burna burna burna down shoppin` maaalls Hey you ever get the feelin that America is turning in...

Le Orme

  • Amico Di Ieri

    Vento d`autunno intriso di sabbia Posi il tuo velo sulla citt , Il deserto  la tua culla Non conosco la tua et . Porti il ricordo di antici pionieri Spinti da un sogno di libert .

Shane McGowan

  • Haunted

    sinad: do you remember that sunny day? somewhere in london in the middle of nowhere didn`t have nothing to do that day didn`t wanna do nothing anyway shane: you got a way of walking sinad: you got a way of talking shane:...

The Clipse

  • Grindin`

    [Pharrell] & (Pusha T in sing-song voice) Yo... I go by the name... (I`m yo` pusha) of Pharrell from the Neptunes... And I just wanna let y`all know... (I`m yo` pusha) The world is about to feel... Something...

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