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Keb` Mo`

  • Hand It Over

    If your problems
    won`t go away
    and you`re worried
    both night and day
    hand it over
    get on your knees and pray

    If you`re sick
    feeling low
    got no money
    got nowhere to go
    hand it ove...

Ol` Dirty Bastard f Insane Clown Posse

  • Dirty and Stinkin`

    [Intro: O.D.B/Violent J/Female] Ya`ll know how I get down..Ya know what I`m sayin (Dirty) Detroit (Dirty) What..Brooklyn..Zoo (Dirty) Yeah..What (Dirty) Insane Clown Posse and O.D.B.

Wu-Tang Clan f Madame D, Two On Da Road

  • Chrome Wheels

    [Hook: Madame D] Woke up this morning, smoked some sticky green to get me started Choclate thai, all in my eye, I`m never broken-hearted Bang us in ya cars, bang us in ya Jeep, bang that shit retarded [Intro: 12 O`Clock (RZA)] (Bob Digi) Sun Zeini (P....


  • Angels Of Death

    You are screaming, you are dead in pieces you don`t know what to do, but the Angels of Death come to take you you don`t want to go but you don`t have how run away they carry you as if you was a sack of shit and they take you for ...

Pastor Troy

  • 4 My Hustlaz

    (Intro) For the hustlas, for the hustlas For my hustlas, for my hustlas [Pastor Troy talking] Yeah Aiyo, this your boy P.T.

Speak No Evil

  • 15 (Live My Life)

    I can`t live with you breathing down my neck I want the world To stop spinning And throw you into Outerspace i want to be the reign of terror I`ll be the judge you`ll have to face So stand your ground if you can stand your groun...


  • Balance

    Eine kleine Episode um was klar zu stellen, denn Katzen machen viel zu viel Gebell um diese Welt.

Владимир Давидович

  • Украденная песня

    Владимир Давидович

    Ну, вот и всё. Последние аккорды

    На струнах задрожали и умолкли.

    Украденная песня отзвучала,

    И тонет бригантина у причала.


Ol` Dirty Bastard f Rhymefest

  • Dirty Dirty

    [Ol` Dirty Bastard] Two steps from the border line Anything closer will kiss the nine Think I`m out the game? You out of your mind Cuz I stay on track, like transit line Keep it nappy or braided up Dirty in the cockpit, blazin` up Stop frontin` when yo...

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