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Ray Parker Jr.

  • Ghostbusters


    If there`s something strange in your neighborhood
    Who you gonna call?
    If there`s something weird and it don`t look good
    Who you gonna call?


U-God f Lethaface

  • Glide

    [U-God] Yo, Inspectah Deck track break your back Yo A message of a wreckage 50 shell hot track leaking out the Lexus Eyes hot, Cyclops, cyborg boulders Call shop of horrors, Lyric just smoking in my holster Whip and boil, ?lugotan? hurricane the h...

Nascimento Milton

  • Cravo E Canela

    (Milton Nascimento/Ronaldo Bastos) morena quem temperou? Cigana quem temperou? O cheiro do cravo. cigana quem temperou? Morena quem temperou? A cor de canela.

Show and A.G. f D-Flow, Lord Finesse

  • Add On

    [Lord Finesse] It`s Lord Finesse, the rhyme vet Like Bigge, I`m Ready to Die but it ain`t my fucking time yet I bring the noise like static, I cause havoc When I grab the mic I pack a party like traffic You know my style, I got the hip sound I should b...

Bobby Brown

  • Don`t Be Cruel

    Girl, the only that matters in my life
    Is that I`m down for you and treat you right
    You`ve got no call to treat me cold as ice
    Ohh, girl
    As long as I been givin` my love to you
    You should be givin` me your love too<...

Loreena McKennit

  • All Souls Night

    Bonfires dot the rolling hills Figures dance around and around To drums that pulse out echoes of darkness Moving to the pagan sound.

Frank Black

  • 85 Weeks

    Once eric said "come gather round Ill tell a tale that is sure to astound un-somnambulist thats awake see he dont sleep talkin talkin ne break walkin nut you dont believe oo-ooh no, Dont believe no, you dont believe As to h...


  • Вечерок

    Просто ты одна - просто я один: Просто ты одна, просто приходи. Просто ты одна - просто я один: Песни до темна: на-на-на-на, Звезды и луна, на-на-на-на, Просто ты одна, просто приходи, Ты приходи - ты мне нужна.

Чиж и компания, Сергей Чиграков

  • O.K. (Позволь мне рассказать)

    Позволь мне рассказать о том, как идут дела,
    Новости какие в нашем маленьком городке,
    Яков бросил пить, его жена вчера родила,
    Ну а у меня пока, пока все OK.
    Цены повышаются, их цены постоянно растут,
    Водка разбавля...

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