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Bobby Brown

  • Don`t Be Cruel

    Girl, the only that matters in my life
    Is that I`m down for you and treat you right
    You`ve got no call to treat me cold as ice
    Ohh, girl
    As long as I been givin` my love to you
    You should be givin` me your love too<...

Loreena McKennit

  • All Souls Night

    Bonfires dot the rolling hills Figures dance around and around To drums that pulse out echoes of darkness Moving to the pagan sound.

Frank Black

  • 85 Weeks

    Once eric said "come gather round Ill tell a tale that is sure to astound un-somnambulist thats awake see he dont sleep talkin talkin ne break walkin nut you dont believe oo-ooh no, Dont believe no, you dont believe As to h...


  • Вечерок

    Просто ты одна - просто я один: Просто ты одна, просто приходи. Просто ты одна - просто я один: Песни до темна: на-на-на-на, Звезды и луна, на-на-на-на, Просто ты одна, просто приходи, Ты приходи - ты мне нужна.

Чиж и компания, Сергей Чиграков

  • O.K. (Позволь мне рассказать)

    Позволь мне рассказать о том, как идут дела,
    Новости какие в нашем маленьком городке,
    Яков бросил пить, его жена вчера родила,
    Ну а у меня пока, пока все OK.
    Цены повышаются, их цены постоянно растут,
    Водка разбавля...


  • Let`s Talk About Life

    We are born in a hard time
    live in anger and fear

    In this world gold is prime
    this is all I can hear.
    To get an image of a perfect man
    it`s all

    All that you want

    And you
    you pl...

Etta James

  • At Last

    At last my love has come along my lonely days over and life is like a song Ooh At last the skies above are blue well my heart was wrapped up in clover the night I looked at you I found a dream that I could speak to a dream that...


  • Am I Crazy?

    Am I crazy-- am I cool,
    Am I crazy-- or a fool,
    Hold me tight, turn out the light,
    Let me be a satellite of you,
    You`re the one, the only one,
    Come on girl-- I want some fun with you


Ritchie Valens

  • Donna

    Oh Donna
    Oh Donna
    Oh Donna
    Oh Donna

    I had a girl
    Donna was her name
    Since she left me
    I never been the same
    Cause I love my girl
    Donna where can you be
    where can you be

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