Humpin` Around — текст песни (Bobby Brown)

When U trust someone
And U know you`re on their back
You ain`t got no trustin` about you
And you claim that you don`t care where I`m at
You`ve given me reason to doubt you
Say U trust someone
Why ya callin` all around
Think i`ve got some dip on the side
Girl you don`t trust no one
And you constantly in doubt
You lose the game
If you play that way
Get up off me back
Save your heart attack
Ain`t nobody is humpin` around
No matter what they say
No it ain`t that way
Ain`t nobody humpin` around

When U love someone
And you want to love `em right
Got to get more lovin` about cha
When you know that you`re holdin` on too tight
Soon they will be leaving without you
Say that U love someone
Why you callin` all my friends
Thinkin` i got somethin` to hide
Girl you don`t love no one
You don`t know what love`s about
You lose the game
If you play that way

chorus (2X)

Girl when U love someone
You don`t call on everybody
Ain`t nobody foolin` around
And the more i think about it
You`ll lose all your clout and
You lose the game baby
If you play that way

Back to the BB Brown (3X)

Chorus w/ Bobby`s adlibs


My name is Brown, that`s what I`m called so,
Don`t try to step on me wrong or you`ll fall
slow, cause i just wznt to kick soul to ya,
maybe, baby, take control of ya, just like i
told ya. I wanna roll on the tip that`s moving
able to make you move and groove and leave you
like ooh when i touch ya. Give you so much of the
feeling of the deck that i`m dealing when i rub
ya up and down yo Stylz kick it.

Stylz: Well i know it`s been a while, since
you heard a change in our style. So what i`ve come
to do is kick you something fly and new. A change,
different from the typical a bit more than regular
not like the others original, cuz originality and
creativity add it up together equals the B.B.B.
Posse. Yeah we`ve in the house. Yo kick it!

Chorus w/ Bobby`s adlibs

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