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Bon Jovi feat. Big & Rich

  • We Got It Going On
    Is there anybody out there looking for a party? Yeah!! Shake your money maker, baby smoke it if you got it. We just wanna have some fun if you don't wanna kiss this Everybody raise your hands come on I need a witness. We Got It Goin' On We'll...

Bon Jovi feat. Leann Rimes

  • Till We Ain't Strangers Anymore
    It might be hard to be lovers But its harder to be friends Baby pull down the covers Its time you let me in Maybe light a couple candles Ill just go ahead and lock the door If you just talk to me baby Til we aint strangers anymore Lay y...

Booty Luv

  • Boogie 2Nite
    Hope you ready Are you ready, coz i am Said im ready to party yeah Grab your coat, get your key Coz whatever your drinkin' Its on me, its on me ohh Stand if you want to Stare if you want to But i got to party I needs me to party I came here ...

Lyrics for Booty Luv

  • Don't Mess With My Man
    He told your ass not once but twice You should have took his advice And left the man alone You still drive by here every night You're not wrapped too tight When he let your mind explode You had (you had) your chance (your chance) And you lost a...

Текст песни Bowling For Soup

  • High School Never Ends
    Four years you think for sure That’s all you've got to endure All the total dicks All the stuck up chicks So superficial, so immature Then when you graduate You take a look around and you say HEY WAIT! This is the same as where I just came from I ...

Bow Wow feat. Chris Brown

  • Shortie Like Mine
    [Chorus] Only thing that keeps me up when I'm feelin' down I don't know about you but I gotta keep mines around cuz I done looked I done searched and it's hard to find Another shorty like mine Baby yes I'm addicted to how we kick it everything you sa...

Bow Wow feat. Ciara

  • Like You
    [Hook - Ciara] I ain't neva had nobody show me all the things that you done showed me And the special way I feel when you hold me We gone always be together baby that's what you told me And I believe it (Cause I ain't neva had nobody do me like u) ...

Bow Wow feat. Omarion

  • Let Me Hold You
    [JD Talk] [Bow Wow] This What You need to Do Girl ... LET ME HOLD YOU I been watching you for a minute Come through here so sweet scented In life girl you need me in it IM determined to win it I know what you need I know what's wrong I kno...

Bow Wow feat. R. Kelly, Ti, T-Pain

  • I'm A Flirt
    [R. Kelly:] Kels Bow Weezy Jackin for chicks [Chorus:] Ima Ima Ima Ima flirt Soon as I see her walk up in the club Ima flirt Winkin eyes at me when I roll up on dem dubs Ima flirt Sometimes when im wit my chick on the low Ima flirt And when she...

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