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Lamb Of God

  • 11th Hour

    The hour of wreckoning draws near Judgment day is here and gone Sweetly she draws me into her arms A liquid embrace to chase the day way. Sedate Numb Deaf and Dumb Stumbling into solitude. A clouded judgment day is fueled.

Helmut Lotti

  • In My Heart

    In my heart there`s a vioce crying out for love In my dream there`s a land of peace an freedom In my dream there is hope for a warmer sun That will send all it guiding light to everyone But I can`t find my dream I only see a tear...

Usher f Mr. Cheeks

  • U Remind Me (Lost Boyz Remix)

    [Mr. Cheeks] Yea, Mr. Cheeks, Mr. Saks Usher, the remix It sounds like a winner to me Ok, You remind me of this chik I used to deal wit Hang out and chill wit, smoke and eat a meal wit Cop the rings-n-things, took her to the Ruckers games I`m findin ou...

black label society

  • 13 Years Of Grief

    You`re so fuckin` tough, so motherfuckin` bad 13 years of grief is all your folks ever had Just an ignorant cunt, talkin` such shit Tryin to act like a man, you little fuckin` punk kid (CHORUS) Yeah Son, look at you now Yeah...


  • A Worthless Dream

    So much to live,
    Yet the yearning for death,
    Perpetual in my mind.
    To end the pain.

    I wait for time to show me my path,
    The continuum or the end?
    I see it so clearly it burns my eyes.

    Into ...

blackout sunday

  • dead and empty

    Dead and Empty Blackout Sunday Drop-D INTRO E-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- G---7---7---7----------------...

blake howard

  • walking in the air

    walking in the air tabbed by kt e|-----0-0----------|-----0-0---------------|--------------------|---------------------| b|---0-----3-3-0----|---0-----3-3-0---------|------1-1-0-0-------|---------------------| g|------------------|------------------0...

baker george

  • little green bag

    LITTLE GREEN BAG by the George Baker Selection Transcribed by Yoko ----------------------------- I tabbed the riff for this song off the Reservoir Dogs soundtrack because it tormented me for days, and was not available at nevada.

blake norman

  • the constitution march

    From: (Bo Parker) Subject: TAB: The Constitution March Hi folks Here`s a flatpicking arrangement that I transcribed from a cassette I recorded at a June 1994 Norman Blake guitar workshop.

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