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Theodore Unit f Bonecrusher

  • Who Are We

    [Intro: Ghostface Killah (Bonecrusher) {Trife Da God}] Staten Island stand up, New York City stand up Ya`ll about to witness something ya`ll never heard before (Yeah) {Theodore, nigga} Let`s go, fucka (Bonecrusher) Know what I mean (the south and the n...

Анатолий Крупнов

  • Меч (Веpхаpн)

    С насмешкой над моей гоpдынею бесплодной,
    Мне некто пpедсказал, деpжавший меч в pyке:
    Hичтожество, с дyшой пyстою и холодной,
    Ты бyдешь пpошлое оплакивать в тоске,

    И кожа ссохнется и мышцы ослабеют
    И скyка вь...


  • Вера и любовь

    Ничего не обещай И не говори: прощай, Просто помаши рукой Молча на прощанье. Улыбнусь тебе в ответ, Прошепчу молитву вслед, Пусть от всех обид Бог тебя хранит. Нам разлука суждена, Только не навек она. В мыслях я лечу к тебе Ласточкой небесной.

Three 6 Mafia f Lil` Wyte

  • Who Da Fuck You Playin` Wit?

    [DJ Paul] Wooo Hypnotize Minds Three 6 Mafia Frayser Boy Lil Wyte We about to take over this motherfucking club Choices 2 In your face nigga What you know about that Mafia [Chorus: DJ Paul] Who the fuck you playing with Who the fuck you playing with W...


  • satta massagana

    Artist: The Abyssinians Album: Satta Massagana Song: Satta Massagana Tab: thegonz1@hotmail.com Riff 1: ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- -5-5-5-5-----5-5-5-5----- Riff 2: ------------------------- ---------...

De La Soul f Ghostface

  • He Comes

    Oh, whaddya know? He comes [Posdonus] Down, like water, fresh out the clouds clown Drown you like terrible weather Nobody does it better than I, so approved by Carly Simon Most rappers is real hard, but still hardly rhymin To all - rise and shine - g...


  • Ain`t Done Loving You

    Lady I`m gonna make you happy If it`s the last thing I do And baby, you`re gona have to stop me From making a fool out of myself Although there`s sunshine right around the corner I feel it`s always raining harder than ever Hold on...

Dead Prez and Static X

  • Hip-Hop (Loud Rocks Remix)

    [Intro - M1] Uh, yeah, yeah DP`s an` Static X, Bigger than Hip-Hop What you thought we just all `bout music [Hook - Static X] hip..hop..hip..hop..hip..hop..hip..

Now It`s Overhead

  • 6th Grade Roller

    Eleven, smoking, blistered bearings, strobing, lock-in, sneak-out Raymond.Fly around a ring, I fly around the ring.Owners father, a reverend, a locker, speakers, and liquor.Kissing beginners fly around a ring.I fly around a ring.


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