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IAM f Sunz of Man, Universal

  • Noir Chateau (Black Castle)

    [Killah Priest] Representin (represent) Life (life) The Prodigal Sunn Universal (Universal) Mind (mind) In the Dark Castle, shackles, move as centaurs with axles Dark pethic castles, till my mind pass through worlds, I see black rain, those who got sl...

Vincent Niclot duet with Nolwenn Leroy

  • Quand On N`A Que L`Amour

    VOCAL : Nolwenn Leroy/Vincent Niclot
    (Jacques Brel cover)

    Quand on n`a que l`amour
    A s`offrir en partage
    Au jour du grand voyage
    Qu`est notre grand amour

    Quand on n`a que l`amour
    Mon amour ...


  • California

    I met her while in France We had a brief romance She rubbed my arm I rubbed her arm Then we dirty danced She moved down to L.A. She met a dude o.k.

Everything But Girl

  • Missing (todd Terry Club Mix)

    I step off the train I`m walking down your street again And pass your door But you don`t live there anymore It`s years since you`ve been there Now you`ve disappeared somewhere Like outer space You`ve found some better place...

Everything But The Girl

  • 25th December

    And I see forests and it`s the 25th of December and my old man plays the piano for Christmas. He plays the piano for Christmas. And we`re all there, all the aunties and uncles, and the angle`s on the top of the tree.


  • Christenfeind

    Haunted by the light I take refuge of the darkest night and prepare to fight I`ll never worship their ridicolous <?> God Jeshua ben Joseph, God for foolish men I`ll never kneel in front of the cross Jehova you liar, I burn ...

Celtic Folk

  • A Mans A Man For All That

    A Man`s A Man For All That DGADGA Is there for honest poverty one who hangs his head and all that? DGADGA The coward slave we pass him by we dare be poor for all that! DGDG For all that! And all that! Our toils obscured and all t...

Cyndi Thomson

  • Always Liked That Best

    (Cyndi Thomson/Tommy Lee James/Jennifer Kimball) Where do I start Lying on a blanket underneath the stars With your head on my chest I always liked that best I hate how times flies I still think back sometimes `Bout your lips on...

Ice-T f King T

  • Check Your Game

    Chorus: It`s 99 players check your game Make sure them young boys respect your name Keep your heaters at close reach cocked and ready Cause the streets will catch you slipping, rock ya steady Watch your back with your homies that you feel is real Y...

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