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  • Against Nature

    a crime against nature
    why can`t you see
    we`re living in torment
    we`ve got to break free

    I can`t take another attack I`m worn out
    I can`t take another attack I`m worn out
    there is an answer but I`ve yet...

Stone Temple Pilots

  • A Song for Sleeping

    Finally Ive met you The day has come Youre more than beautiful And youre my son I dont deserve this I never thought it could be Quite like the moment When you first smiled at me A toothless, wonderful feeling Like Id ne...

А.Варум Сливки

  • Самая лучшая

    Если кажется, что ты не у дел Белая ночь чёрною стала вдруг И сказать тебе никто не успел Главные на свете слова Ветер северный нажал на пробел И телефон стал недоступен вдруг Если он тебя недоразглядел Пусть болит его голова Разве не ты, ты же вполн...


  • 20,000 Gun Salute

    * Beavis and Butthead sample *
    [Butthead] Whoa! Uh-heheh-heheh, uh-heheh
    That kicked ASS!
    [Beavis] Yeah yeah heh yeah
    That was fly
    * DJ Pam the Funkstress starts cuttin up That was fly *
    Chorus: Boots (r...

Waterboys, The

  • A girl called Johnny

    I remember Johnny - hey!
    Johnny come lately
    I remember her shoes like a ballerina
    A girl called Johnny who
    changed her name when she
    discovered her choice was to
    change or to be changed

    I remember...

Jrgens Udo

  • 5 Minuten Vor 12

    (Music: Udo Jrgens, Words: Michael Kunze) (Intro) Und ich sah einen Wald, wo man jetzt einen Flugplatz baut. Ich sah Regen wie Gift, wo er hinfiel, da starb das Laub. Und ich sah einen Zaun, wo es frher nur Freiheit gab.


  • Busted

    ( Mr. Biggs) Uh huh...Yeah bring your ass on in here I got something for you (Mr. Biggs) Busted its two damn clock in the moning where you been (JS) Baby didn`t you get my two-way I was wit my girl friends (Mr.

December Moon

  • Nocturnal Transcendency

    I swoon as I ascend this lifeless body Thoughts perish as I pass between worlds, Confused I direct my eyes, perchance to see...

Liv Kristine

  • 3 A.m.

    I can find no sleep - I never sleep at night I stop counting sheep - I can see their eyes And the lights will shine (all night) tonight And the lights will shine tonight A fly`s been watching me - some (a million) dogs arrive So...

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