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Illogic f Aesop Rock, Vast Aire

  • Time Capsule

    [Aesop Rock] Dear then, I`m writing from the now Trying to steer this crooked zen (?) else and warn your crowds The current date somewhat irrelevant, I can`t see through this cloud Wish I could say these bunk samaritans boogied to make you proud Spawne...


  • C.O.T.E

    Say it loud, with a voice of no reason in mind
    I suppose this question will be answered
    And I suppose the answers are here to save us
    Have you heard have you listened lately?
    Single word, single vowel, yet nothing frustra...


  • Dominos

    so you think, that i want someone else i need some time alone, just by myself everything, as far as i can tell was kept inside your little carosel is there no answer now do you suppose, that`s just the way it goes where will we en...

Conway Twitty

  • Ain`t She Something Else

    Don`t you like the way she talks to you When she`s feeling woman warm And don`t it make you feel so good Just to know she`s yours all by yourself Don`t you like to see the sun go down When she`s lying close to you And can`t you ...

Mia Minx

  • Open Up Your Heart

    Oh, ya, baby c`mon! I wanna be yours So open the door Let me inside your love I won`t ask you for more, oh noho Don`t push me away I just want to stay I`ll be good to you Will you be good to me too And maybe then we can be happy t...


  • Liefs Uit Londen

    Van de wereld weet ik niets Niets dan wat ik hoor en zie Niets dan wat ik lees Ik ken geen andere landen Zelfs al ben ik er geweest Grote steden ken ik niet Behalve uit de boeken Behalve van TV Ik ken geen andere stad, dan de stad...


  • Smokin` Doja

    Left right left
    Left right left
    Left right left
    Left right

    Grab your swords and get ready for the mothafuckin’ battle
    Fools talk shit, get killed like cattle
    Retreat for safety, don...

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