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Mr. Lucci f Mr. Pookie

  • Lifted

    [Mr. Lucci] See recongize my niggaz we pullin triggas & knockin em off when a nigga talkin the south 44`s steady droppin em off we makin sho that we aint takin no loss and for them niggaz who keep on comin across they cant fade wit a nigga I pause the...

Spice 1 f Saafir

  • Thug Poetry

    (Intro) Yeah nigga Game from the mind of some real motherfuckin` thugs (thugs) Fetty Chico up in this biAAtch (biaatch) Bloow !! (blooow) (Chorus) 2x You wouldn`t believe all the shit I see (just a thug yes I`m only a thug) That`s why I spit this thug...


  • Alright

    Verse 1: I guess I`m alright, guess I`m alright. I guess I`m doing fine, guess I doing fine.

Defari f E-Swift

  • Focused Daily

    Talking: E: Hey Defari, what`s goin` down man? D: Hey yo what`s up E-Swift E: Ah man, nuttin` much, i`m just sittin` here chillin` man sippin on somethin`, tryin` to figure out why the fuck everybody in hip-hop is so confused these days, man...

nelson willie

  • always on my mind

    Always On My Mind ----------------- by Willie Nelson I: D A Maybe I didn`t love you Bm D G A Quite as often as I could have D A And maybe I didn`t treat you Bm D Em7 Quite as goo...

Daz Dillinger f 2PacMakaveli, Kurupt, Ou

  • Initiated

    [Pac] Live in this muthafucker, Thug Pound Biotch Kurupt, Daz, Makaveli, Idi, Kastro, Hussein You know bitch the whole muthafuckin` clique. We gon` hit yo` ass up.

Mobb Deep f Ronald Isley

  • The Infamy

    * send corrections to the typist (Ronald Isley singing throughout song) [Prodigy and Havoc talking] Yeah yeah Know what I`m sayin` Straight burn biscuits baby Yeah, give it to `em raw uncut Turn them headphones up No doubt son No problem Creepin` it ...

Swollen Members f Buc Fifty

  • Poker Face

    Many strange things happen in a studio while the mic is live (Buc Fifty) Yo yo yo yo what`s crackin`? It`s the one and only Buc-motherfuckin`-Fifty Up here from L.A.

Beenie Man f Mya

  • Girls Dem Sugar

    [Beenie Man] Zagga zow, ziggi zow, zagga zow Anyhow, badman naa bow Zagga zow, ziggi zow, zagga zow Anyhow Beanie Man an Mya deh ya now Zagga zow, ziggi zow, zagga zow Dem tune mek number one tune ya Zagga zow, ziggi zow, zagga, zow (Sim Simma) Beeni...

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