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carnes kim

  • Abadabadango

    (Kim Carnes/Dave Ellingson/Duane Hitchings) Abadabadango can you hear It`s the rhythm of the heart That beats for a million years We all have to use some kind of magic Some of the time Between the laughter and the tears A place to...

carolines spine

  • Forget

    As I wander through this house where my man became a mouse I can see how we started so innocently.

DJ Tomekk f G-Style, Kurupt, Tatwaffe

  • Beat of Life

    * send corrections to the typist (Chorus) [G-Style] Tuh mir den Gefallen und bleib Gangsta Das heisst mach genau was du denkst grad steig in den Wagen zeig mir die StraЯen GANXTAVILLE wir rasen Tuh mir den Gefallen und bleib Gangsta Das heisst mach g...

Mr. Sancho f OG Playboy, Royal T, Silenc

  • Sancho`s Oldie

    [OG Playboy] I`ve been loving you (loving you) I`ve been missing you (missing you) I`ve been wanting you (ah ah) I miss you baby, I remember the first day we met, I`ll never forget oh how I miss you baby [Mr.

nada surf

  • 80 Windows

    Clusters of people talking secretly to eachother In a bar you cannot talk openly to anyone you don`t already know 4-year olds They have got the right idea They jump the line and hit it on the nose When we sit and we get quiet Then we look and see who`s...

Baby D f Lil C

  • Get Crunk

    C`mon- Get crunk, get crunk You aint crunk yet (x 11) So get crunk! Now get crunk, get crunk my nigga get crunk (repeat) (Baby D) I bet you thought we wasn`t comin` but yes, I`m back with some dubs on a chevy painted midnight black Crankin this thang ...

carpenter john

  • halloween theme

    SONG: Halloween Theme Song ARTIST: John Carpenter Ok, this song is originally intended for the piano. The main rythym is played quite fast followed by a bass background and a drum machine I suppose. Sounds really cool if you can get them in sync.


  • Generation EFX

    Verse: [Das EFX] Biggidee back from vacation Here to rock the whole nation Diggie Das EPMD invation Down diffa don, down diffa do, wiggidee one two Til we do, wiggidee rock the Fubu The official, launch the missile Blow the whistle at the art-official...

Mobb Deep f Raekwon

  • Murda Muzik

    [Intro: Havoc, (Prodigy)] Yeah... yeah... yeah (Let it go... let it go) Yo, that`s right (uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh) Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (That`s right) Oh, yeah (Check it out, tell `em, dunn) Oh...

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