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Lorenz Hart and Richard Rodgers

  • My Funny Valentine

    My funny valentine. Sweet comic valentine. You make me smile with my heart. Your looks are laughable, unphotographable. Yet, you`re my favorite work of art.

Smut Peddlers f Copywrite

  • Anti Hero`s

    [Eon] We arrive with the sun smog up in the vintage London fog I`m fuckin your G after you took her to miniature golf From the floor of this shitty-ass kitchen I see hella cats in my general chao`s chicken And your dogs is in the black bee sauce Fuck t...

Loretta Goggi

  • Il Mio Prossimo Amore

    Tu sopra di me sete d`estate che male c`e c`e che non amo mal l`acqua che bevo ma che gusto c`e se conto le stelle sopra di te sopra di noi e intanto il mio prossimo amore gli do appuntamento e gia un po me lo sento a un passo da...


  • bleed

    *** Bleed *** by Copacetic Dennis Kim Sonny Barnette *** (c) 1995 [ STANDARD TUNING ] F E B- Go G D- A- C e--1----0----2----3----3----1----0----0---- B--1----0----3----3----3----3----1----1---- G--2----1----4----0----4...

Joe Diffie

  • A Night To Remember

    Been one tough week, dead on my feet But, I`ve got plans for tonight When I`m feeling blue, know just what to do And how to make it right Seems like I`ve needed this forever Gonna have myself a night to remember Dim the lights, l...

Loretta Lynn

  • (hey Won`t You Pay) Another Somebody Don

    So hey won`t you play another somebody done somebody wrong song And make me feel at home while I miss my baby while I miss my baby So please play for me a sad melody so sad that it makes everybody cry A real hurtin` song about lo...

Shabazz the Disciple f Bless, Freestyle,

  • Ghetto Apostles

    [Intro: Shabazz The Disciple] Yeah, yeah, the revenge of the saga Ghetto apostles General Grym, Sargeant Shabazz Lieutenant Bless, Captain Freestyle Repport to your post Baby J, C12 The industry...

Валентина Легкоступова

  • Ягода малина

    Может, помнишь тот сказочный сон Позабыт он тобой или нет Плыл над полем малиновый звон Занимался малиновый свет Ягода малина нас к себе манила Ягода малина летом в гости звала Как сверкали эти искры на рассвете Ах, какою сладкою малина была Тихо лес...

Beckmann & Brühne

  • Schenk mir Liebe

    Du schaust mich an
    sonderbar an

    sag` was dein Herz begehrt.
    Hab` keine Angst
    was du verlangst
    ist dir schon lange gewährt.

    Schenk` mir Liebe
    komm` und küss` mich


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