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Lightfoot Gordon

  • affair on eighty avenue

    From: scawa@aol.com (SCAWA) Affair on Eighty Avenue words and music: Gordon Lightfoot artist: Gordon Lightfoot Em D Am Bm C D The perfume that she wore was from some l...

Mia X f C-Murder, Fiend, Mac, Mystikal,

  • Bring it On

    [Fiend] What`s going on out there in Soldier world, This fiend the excited private nigga act like you know me.

Danja Mowf f LaMaRe

  • Like Flies Remix

    [LaMaRe] Black men keep droppin Black men keep on droppin like flies Vultures (vultures) plottin on my demise (Stool pigeons still lies while the caged bird cries) As long as the mighty eagle rules the skies (Black men keep on droppin like flies) Drop...

MC Mitchski

  • Brooklyn Blew Up the Bridge

    ..* Ego Trip`s Book of Rap Lists; p. 249 *.. Aiyyo, a lotta people been tryin to direspect Boogie Down Productions lately; I ain`t widdit KRS-One, Scott LaRock, D-Nice, those are homeboys knahmsayin? My name is MC Mitchski and they call me, `The Rapp...

M.O.P. f Treach

  • Brooklyn/Jersey Get Wild

    Chorus: Treach Till death do us, can`t move us We can rat-tat-a-tat-tat-a or build, it don`t matter Holler if you hear this, realness Thugs gon` feel this, Brooklyn banger Jersey jackin steal shit [Billy Danze] Now we have met and connect with a lot o...

Black Market Militia

  • Black Market

    [Intro: Killah Priest] Yeah, knawhatimean, Killah Priest I changed my name, man, it`s Leo Angel now Knawhatimean? Yo, this is Black Market Knawhatimean? Trag`, Will Cooper, yankee, knowhatimean, uh [Killah Priest] First and foremost, we let our jobs t...

Dr. Dre f Eminem

  • Chronic 2001

    [Dr. Dre] Y`all know me, still the same O.G., but I been low key Hated on by most these niggaz wit no cheese, no deals and no G`s No wheels and no keys, no boats no snowmobiles, and no ski`s Mad at me cause I can finally afford to provide my family wit...

Drunken Master f Jadakiss

  • Drunken Master`s Drunkenstyle

    [Drunken Master] High energy, flowin` wit` the wisdom Chedda like a rich man, ridin` on the rhythem This is what I`m usin` to make your woman smile So I interact wit` the crazy Drunkenstyle Got `cha nervous for a second, then you start grinnin` when yo...

carey maria

  • i give my all

    SONG: I give my all (guitarr intro) PERFORMED BY: Mariah Carey TABED BY: Oskar. K (e-mail: parappa83@hotmail.com) 1---------3-------1------------------------------------------ 2--3--3-------3-------4------1--1---3------1--------------- 3-------------...

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