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  • Voyage voyage

    Au dessus des vieux volcans Glissant des ailes sous les tapis du vent Voyage Voyage, eternellement De nuages en marecages De vent d`espangne en pluie d`equateur Voyage voyage, vol dans les hauteurs Au d`ssus des capitales Des idees fatales Regarde l`oc...

Mike Jones and Magnificent

  • U Feel Good

    [Magnificent] Magno [Mike Jones] Mike Jones, Who? [Chorus: Mike Jones & Magnificent - repeat 4X] You feel good don`t ya? Real good don`t ya? You dont want this dick up in nobody else goods don`t ya? [Mike Jones] Mike Jones You need a dick? That feel...


  • Colour

    I`m alone with you so far
    It doesn`t matter where you are
    I want to wash up on your shore
    More beauty then i`ve seen before no secret lover
    Will ever take the place of you
    Colour me blue
    As you
    I want to...

Cee-Lo f Jazze Pha, Menta

  • My Kind of People

    [Chorus: Jazze Pha] So if you like coke And you like to go You`re my kind of people (My kind of people) You`re my kind of people (My kind of people) And if you ?? good I knew you would You`re my kind of people (My kind of people) You`re my kind of peop...


  • Counting Numbers

    Counting Numbers it is fun, Counting numbers everyone, One Two Three Four Five Six Hana Dool Sett Nett Tassot Yassot Un Deux Trois Quatre Cinq Six Eins Zwei Drei Vier Funf Sechs Counting Numbers it is fun, Counti...

Mausberg f AMG, Crawf Dog

  • I Can Feel That

    Mausberg in the house, Shepperd Lane for life And, uh, John Doe, Amg, Hi-C mista Quik Suga Free, G-one, Let me break they back dog [Mausberg] Open up the door for Mr.

arbore renzo

  • il clarinetto | guitar pro tab и Mp3

    by Maurizio Codogno ( {title: Il clarinetto} {subtitle: Renzo Arbore} [F7] [B7] [E7] [A] Metti che [E]ti presenti a una ragazza e dici, Suono bene il clari[A]netto.


  • My Life

    [ VERSE 1: Jayo Felony ] Can`t stop, won`t stop, nigga, that`s that Crip Hop Roll until I hit the top, find a bitch to break my crop Hit a switch and then a drop, if it`s a club then she gon` hop From club to club and dick to dick, trick bitch, hush th...

Men of Vizion f Mr. Che

  • Do You Feel Me

    From the door, she had it open Seen her with her friends, Shorty flexin Yo, I wonder whos she sexin Whos showin her affection Honey ride headed up in my direction Word, I wanna join her session Hairdo, nails done, plush Shorty stay proper She remind m...

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