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MC Eiht (C.M.W.)

  • Killin Season

    Geah In the muthafuckin house For the 9 to the 6 Geah To them bitch-ass niggas We know your residential spot The red dot`s on your dome, geah fool, I`m ready to pull this Trigger, nigga, straight bangin to the fullest Original baby gangster on the blo...


  • Blackstar Deceiver

    Black star whenever you`re ready you`re much too far away! By now your soul seems steady now crawl to the cross Meanwhile time takes a turn -I`m feeling damned when you make it burn Let`s testify you`re born to die -You speak t...

DJ Clue f Made Men

  • Made Men

    [Intro] Extraordinary (New shit, Made Men) The undisputed Made Men [Verse One] Ey yo retreat your betallion quick, before your time run out (Nigga) I see you sweatin`, don`t try a reachable gunout We take no prisoneers, never leavin` witnesses deadly...

Elmo and Patsy

  • Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer

    Grandma got run over by a reindeer, Walking home from our house Christmas eve, You can say there`s no such thing as Santa, But as for me and Grandpa, we believe.

Lil` Kim

  • (When Kim Say) Can You Here Me Now

    (feat. Missy Elliott) [Kim] Can you hear me now? [Lil` Kim] All of a sudden, everybody wan` bang with us Don`t they know them Gotti kids are dangerous? Come come now, y`all need to stop Niggaz better hold they head `fore they bo...

Master P, Silkk the Shocker, Snoop Dogg

  • MP Da Last Don

    [Master P] Yo Snoop, you and Silkk remember that shit called dumb girl? Well check this shit out, I got one called thug girl.


  • lonners

    The Lonners - Never standard tunning : E A D G B e capo on 7th VERSE: Am Em BRIDGE1 : Am G Em 3x + G Em.....Am BRIDGE2 : Am G C Em Am G Em Am G C Em G Em.....Am Am e------------0--------I h---1-----------1--0--I ...

System Of A Down

  • .36

    Television in disgrace Tonight you`ll get off inter race? Can you break out can you break or will you live at your own pace Life is so unnecessary Television in disgrace Tonight you`ll get off inter race` Can you break ou...

Brooklyn Zoo f Buddah Monk

  • Gots Like Come On Through

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha... Minds start to freeze, believe It`s the Wu-Tang, Killa Bees (Brooklyn Zoo) Truths, Coming at your avenue 36 chambers that are fitted in you When you thought it couldn`t happen We gonna take you to a new level, of hip-hop Wu, Gots...

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