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Fix Und Fertig

  • Der Blonde Hans Von Der Bundesbahn

    Damen und Herren in unserer Sendung Auf der Bundesbahnbahn nachts um halb eins -Ein im Intercity von Bremen nach Vegesack sind wir jetzt im Speisewagen angekommen.

nuclear jet

  • libre de moi

    .----------------------------. / nuclear jet - libre de moi `------------------------------` | guessed by: michel belleau | +----------------------------+ this song will be on their new (first!) album which will be out soon guitar line (tab is i...

Pavarotti and Sting

  • Panis Angelicus

    Panis Angelicus fit panis hominum; Dat panis coelicus figuris terninum: O res mirabilis! Manducat Domininum.

Del (Deltron 3030)

  • Things You Can Do

    [Chorus] Things you can do, some can`t be done - (*repeat 7X*) Things you can do... [Del] 3030 way past the millennium, check it out Yo, Deltron thunderforce, ain`t no other source of sunlight Two ton mic, leave you toungue-tied Runnin amuck with tech...


  • A Letter To Both Sides

    It`s in my right more than my left After you`ve taken from me My freedom of speech Or the light through my window Just because you can`t see Should be heard by the deaf Seen by the blind Those who are too frightened to lose, so Th...

M.O.P. f DJ Premier

  • Breakin` the Rules

    [Billy Danze] Yeah, check it out y`all. Firing Squad, nigga. (First Family) Yeah, Firing Squad, nigga. Check it out.

nuclear rabbit

  • i sold my copilot

    Nuclear Rabbit I Sold My Co-Pilot More Human tabbed by Daaaaaaavid Well, it makes sense there are no Nuclear Rabbit tabs here..a lot of the songs are really hard to pick out by here ya go.


  • Angel Carver Blues

    When they fall in they fall in from the roof They grab on to me tightly as if I knew the way When I fight for something I fight because I care When I fight with you I fight but I dont care Everybody wants the questions to be...

card michael

  • Abba Father

    Michael Card Until Your Son called out to me I was lost For years my cradle swung above the grave It is a wondrous thing to be adopted by a king To know a love that crowns and crucifies When Your Spirit moves I breath a prayer to ...

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