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Kid Capri f Big Pun, Noreaga

  • Block Party

    Yeah nigga, thug that shit to your mother fuckin crib you heard Yeah! We tryin`to get this shit poppin` over here Huh, block party all that shit man block party Come over here nigga here Were is happening here`s were is poppin` at baby, djayin` that sh...

Mike Ness

  • Ballad of a Lonely Man

    Im young and Im strong Ive got this God forsaken world by the balls! Ive got a one-way ticket to freedom Aint got no one now gonna take it from me I was a soldier, age twenty-one In a war Im not sure what I was fighting for...


  • Base Metal

    a meat mine if you could just see me now, hands pitted blood red one clasped to my chest, the other covering my wound.. base metal..

Spocks Beard

  • Go The Way You Go

    look another heart is beating but how? why? there must be some way to know so many roads are weaving and i wish i knew which way i should go go the way you go you can`t know what you don`t know go the way go the way you go so you ...


  • Candy Corn

    Bless you Bless our victorious war I pray for you Blood and candy mixing on The floor I close your eyes Strings of candy corns A string of pearls A candy for each day Each on breathes memories In a hollow man, who says, I hear a v...

Татьяна Овсиенко и И.К.С.-Миссия

  • Не забудь

    [И.Зубков - К.Арсенев]

    Не забудь, не забудь, не забудь

    Кончаются споры,
    Отчаянный переполох во дворе: улыбки, укоры
    Прощайся скорее с девчонкой своей
    Упали три теплые капли из синих и ясных небес

Fairground Attraction

  • A Smile In A Whisper

    Sky of ink and diamond stars empty streets of just occasional cars here we lie in a lullaby of the stillness in our room.

Human Remain

  • Beatnik`s Ass

    Jack - He`s busy telling Mike not to record up in Studio North,
    not to put his money into
    any recording.

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