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Paula Da Vinci

  • Your Baby Ain`t Your Baby Anymore

    Ain`t your babe ain`t your baby Ain`t your babe ain`t your babe now Ain`t your babe ain`t your baby Ain`t your babe ain`t your babe now.


  • No One`s Gonna Change You

    From the day we met I knew you were the one who stole my heart and ran with love Now here you are making me cry inside no longer will I be a prisoner of your love You, listen to me I`m speakng my mind I`m not gonna let you keep...

Sole` f Tech N9ne

  • Ain`t Nobody Fuckin` Wit It

    [Intro - Tech] Ha ha ha ha, we bout to do this Tech Niner, Sole` Bout to make that ass hot baby Like this, yo [Female singing] I heard the party didn`t stop `Til Tech Niner got ill one man crew, runnin` through you Niggas let their cash drop, ladies m...



    Ocean Blue
    Deep + Cool
    Rain On Me
    Kiss The Sea
    Clouds In Space
    The Earth Rotates
    Satellite Ship
    20th Century Trip...


Kid Rock

  • 3 Sheets to The Wind

    Ahh... Im here and its clear Im gonna flow so yo black Just get on up or yo get the bozak Cuz it aint kojak or dr.

Nick Cave feat. The Bad Seeds

  • ( Are You ) The One That I`ve Been Waiting For?

    I`ve felt you coming girl, as you drew near
    I knew you`d find me, cause I longed you here
    Are you my desitiny? Is this how you`ll appear?
    Wrapped in a coat with the tears in your eyes?
    Well take that coat babe, and th...

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

  • Black Tongue

    Hot AWWW You can keep your black tongue Well i found at the mortuary you know im gonna want some want some we`ll hide in the backroom gonna have a packed suit with this you will regret just let it be your yeah yeah yeah ...

Beanie Sigel f Kurupt

  • Gangsta Gangsta

    [Beanie Sigel] (Yo) Who wanna fuck wit`, the fat boy of the Roc? (blldddttt) stick em, ha, another victim Mac pullin` capers again Fuck with that money paper then Light as a rock, gonna light up the block Don`t believe in cases, goin all out Paintin`...

Paulina Rubio

  • Amor de Mujer

    Eras y parecias simplemente un chiquillo jugando a mayor. Con las manos vacias atacabas la vida, todo al ganador. No te daba miedo estar aun creciendo querias correr mas que tus propios pies.

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