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Miguel Bosй

  • La Chula

    La chula tiene un encanto felino
    Cuerpo mulato divino dieciseis aсos le dan
    Y dicen que es mitad santa o demente
    Que es diferente a la gente se rie del que dirбn

    Comentan ay por favor mire usted
    Murmuran ay p...


  • Sail On Sailor

    I sailed an ocean, unsettled ocean
    Through restful waters and deep commotion
    Often frightened, unenlightened
    Sail on, sail on sailor

    I wrest the waters, fight Neptune`s waters
    Sail through the sorrows of life...


  • A Fall From Grace

    When I sat
    Felt I had no where else to go
    When in before the sun and god only knows
    When I see your face it makes me think of that special place
    Stood out on the rocks and watched the stars all fall from grace

Sheryn Regis

  • Hindi Ko Kayang Iwan Ka

    Bakit di makapaniwala na ika`y magbabago
    Bakit ba laging natatakot na magtanong sa yo
    Kahit pa alam ng puso na ako`y iiwan mo
    Ikaw pa rin ang nasa damdamin ko

    Bakit kahit pa nag-iisa sa yo`y umaasa
    Di nagsasa...

Светлана Мель

  • А за окном прохожие все те же...

    Светлана Мель

    А за окном прохожие все те же, -

    То дождь, то ветер бродит полусонно...

    И тишину ночную не прорежет

    Срывающийся голос телефона.

    На лестнице шаги не...

AZ (the Visualiza) f Missjones

  • Doe or Die

    Chorus: i wanna chill (Chill) on sugar hill (its so lovely, so lovely) AZ`s for real (oh he`s for real) he`s for real (its so lovely sippin on bubbly) At times i wanna watch out the Mariot, zoning on owning co-ops, foreign drop top coups, and ya...


  • Five Minutes of Fame

    It was common story, yeah who cares that I changed?
    Why are people freaking out?
    Maybe I gave in more than I should, maybe I sold out
    But the truth was I was really getting no wehre until I woke up and found
    THat mora...


  • Cheesepuffs And Handcuffs

    i see you walking down the street
    and i really start to think
    that you are so uninterested
    and that im just a stupid kid
    for thinking we could be as one
    to you that might seem really dumb
    cause you dont even k...

Capone-N-Noreaga f Nas

  • B EZ

    (Nas talking) I heard that nigga Capone`s home yo...word to Motha..that nigga Nore` doin` his mothafuckin` thing...thugged out entertainment...knowwhatI`msayin`?, niggas still in the streets...Ill Will, Braveheart nigga, there`s a thin line between str...

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