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Marc Live f Kool Keith

  • Star Wars

    [Kool Keith] Yeah, yo Marc, this is your album The beginning [Chorus: Marc Live] I been everywhere, the clubs, the backrooms, the V.I.P.`s Red carpets, bright lights it`s not news Top of the roof wit`cha girl yo you old news Back of the club with thug...

Spice-1 f MC Eiht

  • 1990-Sick (Kill `Em All)

    Chorus: Kill em all (4X) Cause everybody dyin on this motherfuckin album Kill em all (4X) Don`t kick up in the dirt when I`m puttin in work Kill em all (4X) Cause everybody dyin on this motherfuckin album [Spice 1] I murda like this (this) I murda l...

Daz Dillinger f Bad A$$, Big Pimpin, Tra

  • Album : Retaliation, Revenge and Get Bac

    Daz: Yeah, right about now me myself, Daz Dillinger, along with The Gang, mister Tray Deee, mister Bad Bad Carabino, and Soopafly The High Priest, ah, letting you know that this gang banging is serious business.

Mo` Thugs

  • All Life Long

    [Layzie Bone] Yeah, Mo` Thug [Felecia] C`mon [Chorus] 2x [Felecia] (Layzie bone) All life long Can we be in this forever? All life long (Our love lasts life long) [Felecia] They say that opposites, attract And I believe, that ain`t nothin` wrong w...

Silkk f Big Ed, Master P

  • Murder

    Y`all niggaz ready for this Silkk the Shocker shit? (Y`all niggaz out there bangin) Switch! (claimin red and blue) Y`all niggaz bout it? Nigga be a leader not a follower (my muthafuckin TRU tatoo) Uuunnnggghhh! Chorus (2X): Murder, murder, murder, mur...

Doggy`s Angels f Nate Dogg, Snoop Dogg

  • Curious

    [Snoop] Bow wow! You so crazy (wha-what?) You so crazy (so be it) Back up in the heezy baby [Snoop] Doggy`s Angels, y`all so crazy [Verse One] See some of y`all bitches think it`s all a game California don`t stop `til the motherfucker drop Don`t rea...

Jack`s Broken Heart

  • Change Over

    Passing through these blurred crowds fast paced world without sound too busy with their profound days to see the right that`s found me pity the shallow, shut out what`s hollow because depth never felt so amazing because yo...

Masters of Illusion (Kool Keith, Motion

  • Albun: We All Over 12

    [Keith] kept in time at jail, robbery for six years [M.Man] you missed out on hella money, food, weed and beer [Keith] called home, stupid jacky never answer the phone [Keith] what you been doin` [M.Man] trying to concentrate on come-ups (Chorus) [M.M...

Busta Rhymes, Swizz Beats

  • Fright Night

    Busta Rhymes: Attention please, attention please Can I have everybody`s attention please So humorous, we laugh at all ay`all The alliance has now been officially formed Ruff Ryder, Flipmode, 2000, it`s now official baby It`s another headbanger Swizz...

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