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  • Stay Gone

    I`ve found peace of mind, i`m feeling good again I`m on the other side, back among the living Ain`t a cloud in the sky All my tears have been cried And i can finally say [Chorus:] Baby baby stay Stay right where you a...

dead boys

  • Big City

    (Kim Fowley/Steven T) Too late to go back home Stranded in the streets Sweatin` in the heat Don`t care to be a star Poundin` on the doors Sleepin` on the floors Big City... ain`t too pretty Big City... nice and loud Big City...

dead fucking last

  • thought control

    Song:Thought control Band: Dead Fucking Last Album: ...punk o rama 2 tabbed by: Carlos Pino intro G:--------------------------------------------------------------- D:--------------------------------------------------------------- A:--------------...

Kathy Linden

  • Billy

    (bomp, bomp, bomp, bomp-bomp-bomp) (bomp, bomp, bomp, bomp-bomp-bomp) (bomp, bomp-bomp-bomp) For when I walk (bomp, bomp-bomp-bomp-bomp) I always walk with Billy `cause Billy knows just where to walk (bomp, bomp-bomp-bomp-b...

Tears For Fears

  • Advice for The Young at Heart

    Advice for the young at heart Soon we will be older When we gonna make it work ? Too many people living in a secret world While they play mothers and fathers We play little boys and girls When we gonna make it work ? I ...

cowboy mouth

  • are you with me album

    -----------------------------PLEASE NOTE------------------------------------- This OLGA file is the author`s own work and represents their interpretation of the song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research.

dead kennedys

  • A Child And His Lawnmower

    Some clown in Sacramento was dragged into court
    He shot his lawnmower
    It disobeyed, it wouldn`t start
    Might makes right, it`s the American wayR
    They fined him $60 and sent him on his way

    You know, some peopl...

Kathy Mar

  • Between Grass Shores

    1982 Kathy Mar Tides of mountains crash on the shores of grain And in this city of ash I tremble in my private pain Will the winds of time blow my heart to me Or will I wander forever between grass shores and mountain sea Bridge...

Soulja Slim f Juvenile

  • U Bootin Up

    [Hook] You bootin up, you bootin up nigga, you bootin up, ha You bootin up, you bootin up nigga, you bootin up I`ll make it happen to ya, I ain`t rappin to ya I`ll make it happen to ya, I ain`t rappin to ya I`ll make it happen to ya, I ain`t rappin to ...

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