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TRU (Silkk the Shocker, Mo B. Dick, Mast

  • I Got Candy

    This for all ya`ll niggaz dat TRU to the g-zame. From Master P and the whole TRU click. It`s time to hook ya ice cream up and turn it into candy. Mo B. Dick: Oh! Chorus I: I got candy! Mo B.

E-40 f Leviti, Geraldine Michaels

  • 1-Luv

    {*phone rings*} This is the operator. I have a collect call from Hey this yo` potnah main! who is an inmate in a California State prison To deny charges, hang up now To accept charges, press five now Mmmmm.....

Kind Of Like Spitting

  • 11:11

    the premature adaptation of the got it made game plan. the heartless work of the red in her dress. alone has done some funny things to my friends. the pull of affection has a bleaching affect.

land og synir

  • dreymir

    <<<>>> Song: Dreymir Artist: Land og synir (iceland) Tabbed by Уttar Land og synir is a very popular pop band here in Iceland and Dreymir is a good and romantic song.


  • Arab Dance Party

    okay jesse
    prr pip pip
    check it out check it out

    di de de dip diri pee pup
    i wanna kick it again and if you...

landreth sonny

  • new landlord

    NEW LANDLORD - Sonny Landreth ------------ (Chords are for a guitar capoed at the second fret) |G |C |D |G | x2 G C Neon lights don`t ever dim in the kind of bars that never close G ...

Aaliyah f Slick Rick

  • Got to Give it Up

    [Slick Rick] Yeah bartender can I get a Hennesy on the rocks, And a Long Island Ice Tea? Thank you Didn`t I tell you this club was dope? Yeah you wasn`t lying kid it definitely is Look at this they all over the place Yeah one second hun, slow down, slo...

lane ronnie

  • dont you cry for me

    Don’t You Cry For Me (Ronnie Lane) Great song from Ronnie`s first post-Faces outing Anymore for Anymore. This sounds about right to me, though I`m sure there are a few nooks and rut left to work out, but this should suffice for now.

Eve f Teena Marie

  • Life is So Hard

    [Eve] This song is a dedication to those strugglin and livin on For those who can`t see the light, it`s comin Stay strong, feel me.. {*echoes*} [Teena Marie] Ooohhhh, yeah yeah yeah yeah Yeah yeah, oooohhhhhhh, oohhhohhhhh..

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