Arab Dance Party — текст песни (Gnarkill)

okay jesse
prr pip pip
check it out check it out

di de de dip diri pee pup
i wanna kick it again and if you never tried nothing like this before
it`s time to get down
let`s do it like this

i got all my hair wrapped in this thing
around my fucking head
and if i see you coming through my land
i`ll cut your fucking head now
let me show you how to make???some pussy
american jo
you don`t know shit
shit like this????
shit in my asshole
now i wipe my ass with my hand
and slap your american face
fuck you i put bombs
in your mailbox
and lick my plate
hhh hhh
i`m so scared of american jo
oh oh
oh oh oh oh
not you no no
check out the island chick???
he ain`t no week???
he come to my store everday and i see his wife this week
i kick some shit like you never saw
i fuck jesse`s snare drum
i big??? your ass
and then i send a missile up your bum
yeah where do??? you come from what do you know
about the serpertine of stake???
it`s like a pin through your asshole???
you must not lie this is not fake
you will wake from a dream
you will start to scream???
you check inside your panties
but you`re never whipped with cream???
kiss your fucking ass???
gun gun???
kick it kick it god???
hey pai???
you find my fucking love letter i`ll be gone
i was in love for you baby
i poured my fucking heart out
and you just left because i smelt like shit
don`t tell me your damn shit
and if you want a ???
a dozen fucking piece???
fuck you
my own bosses???
i`ll cut off your faces
i`ll fuck up your dirty wives in all tiny places???
tidy ball???
in my asshole
my head goes back and forth???
my head does not play lacrosse
that doesn`t rhyme
who gives a flying fuck
i see you in a ice skating rink with hockey puck
when i get tired
you just might get fired
watch my hand it`s a serpent snake
rruppuppai for goddness sake
serpents and demons come awake
when i get in your ass and bake a cake
i dont know what you`ll do
go on then give you you???
i`m in love again with you, baby
you broke my heart
and then i kickstart
my fucking gun???
just for you after dark???
i`ll eat an after-eight mint for you
i think i fucking sink a fucking tink??? for you
and a pussy in pink???
buh buh buh twelve twenty-two
what can you do
look at my boo hoo
wasn`t kickstart my heart motley crue?
kickstart my heart

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