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Living End

  • All Torn Down

    I see the city and it isn`t what it used to be
    A million houses goin` up and down in front of me
    No time to let the concrete set before it`s broken up again
    Don`t care if it`s historic - don`t really care at all

Shadows, The

  • Let Me Be the One

    She`s a little lighthouse when she
    Opens up her huge eyes
    And streams of diamonds shoot out
    `Til we`re wading waist deep in her brilliant love
    She`s a little lighthouse when she
    Opens up her red mouth
    And gold...

X-Ecutioners f Large Professor

  • XL

    Yeah.. yeah.. Ladies and gentlemen ..may I present Yeah.. May I introduce.. Four of New York`s finest..

Youth Ahead, The

  • A Whole New View

    Two miles high and I cant look down took a long ride in through an unfamiliar town but I stretched my arms and I welcomed the fight took a hard grip on the wheel and drove through the night it`s so hard to guess what`s ahead Listen to your heart, it`ll...

Андрей Малышев

Pete Rock f Kardinal Offishall

  • We Good

    [Kardinal] Yeah, I see you P`Rrahh It`s Mr. Kardinal, we good Worry about us, it`s Kardinal Offishall Knahmean, circle niggaz in dis Y`knahmean, straight from T Dot Linked up with the grand master of the beats, P`Rrrah It`s the Pete Rock, y-yeah, NY to...

Rampage f 702

  • We Getz Down (Remix) *

    [Rampage] (702) Yeah come on, come on, check it out (Rockkkkkkkkkk) This is how we do it (Roll) Yeah come on, everything (Rolllllllllllllllll) Flipmode, Violator (I like...) Check this out (Say roll, dig the...

Владимир Качан, Алексей Дидуров

Erick Sermon f Redman

  • Double or Nothing

    Intro:Ha ha ha ha. This is Doctor Trevis, giving a phone call to y`all funky fuckers Erick Sermon: Y`alll guess what the fuck is going on now Me and Reggie Noble, making funk tunes around the global Cause times keeps on slippin`, and I get the funk fr...

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