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  • Back To Basics

    We`re going back, back to basics
    We`re going back, back to the neighborhood
    We`re going back

    I was 17 when I left home
    Went as far away as I could get
    Headed southward to the sunshine
    To meet people I ...


  • Finally Found Someone

    I finally found someone, that knocks me off my feet
    I finally found the one, that makes me feel complete
    It started over coffee, we started out as friends
    It`s funny how from simple things,
    the best things begin

DJ Screw f Lil` Flip, Shasta

  • Sunny Day

    [Hook: Shasta] We rolling on chrome, flossing it`s a sunny day Feeling marvelous, blowing light green hay All about our cash, we worked hard and got paid Stacks multiplied, now it`s time to parlay [Lil` Flip] It`s a sunny day, so I`ma pull out the dro...

Mr. Marcelo f Krazy

  • Somet`in

    [Chorus] You wanna drink something (drink something) I wanna smoke something (smoke something) Give me a project hoe And let me choke something (choke something) - 2x You wanna snort something (snort something) I wanna fuck something (fuck something) ...

Regina Elis

  • 20 Anos Blue

    Ontem de manha, quando acordei Olhei a vida e me espantei Eu tenho mais de vinte anos Eu tenho mais de mil perguntas sem respostas Estou ligada num futuro blues Os meus pais nas minhas costas As razes na marquise Eu tenho mais de ...

The Brilliant Green

  • Sono Supido De/sono Speed De

    doro darake no kutsu, kettobashita shimetta heya no naka chiisana monogatari wo, nakushita yorumahou ni kakerareta hitotsu no sonzai, hitori no tenshiwatashi ni te wo futteita kogoeta karada wo, atatamete kureru amai chokoraetto i...

Da Brat f 22

  • Breeve On Em

    [Da Brat] I Don`t stop, I stay hot, y`all stay shocked, we keep it locked Just throw yo hands in the air motherfuckas I came to make y`all freak one another I, I keep bangin`, I keep slangin` We keep watching niggas die for simple things So I keep swin...

Masta Ace f Strick, Young Zee

  • Something`s Wrong

    [Strick] Yeah, big Strick, let`s get it on... Yo, last night I had a nightmare that I was wack Nope, I`m sorry, it`s that you said something dope Fuck it, it don`t matter, `cause I know shit ain`t really like that `Cause if you said something dope, I k...

The Allman Brothers Band

  • Black Hearted Woman

    by Gregg Allman Copyright 1969 Unichappell Music Inc. and Elijah Blue Music (BMI) Black hearted woman, can`t you see your poor man dyin`? Can`t count on both hands, baby, all the lonely nights I`ve been cryin`.

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