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Aretha Franklin

  • A Change Is Gonna Come

    There’s anold friend That I once heard say Something that touched my heart And it began this way I was born by the river In a little tent And just like the river I’ve been runnin’ ever since He said it’s been a long time comin’...

None The Less

  • In Detention

    Verse 1
    I got a substitute teacher,
    And I`m not doin work,
    He gets reallly mad and acts like a jerk,
    Sends me to the office, i get in some trouble,
    I skip the detention, and it gets doubled.

    Verse 2

Yomo Toro

  • Que Se Sienta

    Que se sienta...
    (Dale, Yomo, pa` que se sienta!)
    Que se sienta...
    (Dale, Yomo, pa` que se sienta!)
    Vamo`a ver si estas bocinas revientan
    (Que se sienta, que se sienta!)
    Que se sienta...
    (Dale, Yomo, pa`...


  • Circuito

    Enciendan las maquinas!
    Ahн les dejo al mнo! (Comйtelos vivo!)
    Mario VI! (Comйtelos vivo!)
    Pura velocidad! (Comйtelos vivo!)

    A circuito, dale Don
    Activo las turbinas
    (Dale, yo...

No Tagbacks

  • All Pretty Girls Are Alcoholics

    We`re the guys who don`t drink at your party We`re the guys who don`t have any fun Designated drivers no we arenty Don`t know why we even chose to come It`s not about being pratical. It`s not about compromie.

Onyx f Big Punisher, Noreaga

  • Shut `Em Down

    Chorus: This is it now, You get shut down Official Naz got the whole game locked down Noreaga, Big Pun holdin` it~ down, This is it now, You get shut down [Verse 1: Noreaga] Yo, aiyyo I smoke weed from housin pa, Phillies is hot one Niggaz betta sto...

Puff Daddy f Hurricane G

  • Forever

    [Hurricane G] Mira Puffy, oyeme papito Yo estoy cansada de estos hijos de su madre hablando mierda Tantos envidiosos, tu le tiene que ensenar como es esto okay Yo choque con uno hesteroso(?) en la calle Que estaban diciendo que tu te cres que eres el j...

Roberto Blades

  • Si Estubieras Conmigo

    solo ...que solo estoy,
    aun con tanta gente a mi alrededor
    yo sigo solo.

    quien soy, a donde voy,
    si en este mundo insierto donde vivo yo
    lo unico que quiero eres tu, tu mi amor
    tu ...

Foxy Brown f Method Man

  • Ill Na Na

    Intro: Method Man One time... Huhh, all up in ya like a bone when I... Johnny Blaze, the Iron Lung Foxy Brown, the Ill Na Na (yeah, c`mon, yeah, c`mon) Destination...

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