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Squad Boyz

  • Facing 5 To 10

    We trapped in da game doing 5 to 10 i say we trapped in da game
    doing 5 to 10 i say we trapped in da game doing 5 to 10 (3x)
    Wit da automatic spittin nigga we doing them in

    Verse1 (Lil B)
    Bitch made ...

John D. Loudermilk

  • All Of This For Sally

    Great granddaddy left five million dollars for Sally Twelve twenty story office buildings in New York to Sally Sixty thousand acres of a prime beef cattle in Utah A thirty room mansion with the servants and a chauffer with a new c...

Fugain Michel

  • Bravo Monsieur Le Monde

    Paroles : Pierre Delano Musique : Michel Fugain 1973 by ditions Musicales le Minotaure R Bravo Monsieur le Monde, Chapeau, Monsieur le Monde, Mme quand les gens diront Que vous ne tournez pas Toujours trs rond.

Юрий Левитанский, Валерий Пак

  • Песня о художниках

    Музыка В.Пака

    Стихи Ю.Левитанского

    Всего и дела, что вчитаться, - Боже мой,

    Всего и дела, что помедлить над строкою -

    Не пролистнуть нетерпеливою рукою,

    А задержат...

Hanoi Rocks

  • 11th Street Kids

    Accidents happens about everyday But that day special followed by a heat wave Rush hour just began I ran for my life I can`t afford to miss the bus Or I`ll go and miss all the fuss Cos this time it`s a must I`m gonna meet the boy...

Quicksilver Messenger Service

  • Light Your Windows

    Hold on girl, now don`t be blue, dry those tears for me and you, Can`t you see our love is true, when you remember, To do just what you say you`ll do, can`t you see I live for you? And I need you to trust me too, open your eyes.


  • Acapulco Gold

    Doubters and cowards, heroes all Deaf to clarion call For whom does it toll? For whom does it toll? But all the dreams subside They`re wrapped in America`s suicide Play in the roadside sand Bleached in significant sun To where w...


  • bed for the scraping

    ----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE-------------------------------- This file is the author`s own work and represents their interpretation of the song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research.


  • A Fuego Lento

    A fuego lento tu mirada A fuego lento t o nada Vamos fraguando esta locura Con la fuerza de los vientos y el sabor de la ternura Sigue el camino del cortejo A fuego lento a fuego viejo Sigue avivando nuestra llama Con todo lo que ...

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