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Rosae Crucis

  • A Wizard in my Dreams

    Bran: What the Hell is going on? Gonar? Gonar: Yes Bran.. Bran: Why are you here Gonar? Is it all right at Baal-Dor? Gonar: In Baal-Dor,where my body lives sleeping, it`s all going well But i`m here through the void of time to f...


  • Бедная овечка

    (А.Свиридова) Ночь уплывает серебристой рекой О, как мне быть, я потеряла покой Где же ты бродишь, я хотела бы знать Кто та девчонка, что с тобою опять Я не скажу ни слова Лишь в глаза взгляну тебе снова Замру, вздо...

D Nice

  • 25 Ta Life

    It was a hot summer day I was dyin from the heat
    Walkin up 118th street
    Although I`m hot like stew
    In the back of my mind it was a bottle of brew
    Now a ice cold bottle would just quench my thirst
    Or get some b...


  • Backward

    It’s all backward. It’s all bad word. Said to me by you. How you misunderstand. All, wrapped up, in yourself. Fall, who will pick you up Walking backward, this is my mistake, my mistake. This is my mistake, my mistake.

Squad Boyz

  • Facing 5 To 10

    We trapped in da game doing 5 to 10 i say we trapped in da game
    doing 5 to 10 i say we trapped in da game doing 5 to 10 (3x)
    Wit da automatic spittin nigga we doing them in

    Verse1 (Lil B)
    Bitch made ...

John D. Loudermilk

  • All Of This For Sally

    Great granddaddy left five million dollars for Sally Twelve twenty story office buildings in New York to Sally Sixty thousand acres of a prime beef cattle in Utah A thirty room mansion with the servants and a chauffer with a new c...

Fugain Michel

  • Bravo Monsieur Le Monde

    Paroles : Pierre Delano Musique : Michel Fugain 1973 by ditions Musicales le Minotaure R Bravo Monsieur le Monde, Chapeau, Monsieur le Monde, Mme quand les gens diront Que vous ne tournez pas Toujours trs rond.

Юрий Левитанский, Валерий Пак

  • Песня о художниках

    Музыка В.Пака

    Стихи Ю.Левитанского

    Всего и дела, что вчитаться, - Боже мой,

    Всего и дела, что помедлить над строкою -

    Не пролистнуть нетерпеливою рукою,

    А задержат...

Hanoi Rocks

  • 11th Street Kids

    Accidents happens about everyday But that day special followed by a heat wave Rush hour just began I ran for my life I can`t afford to miss the bus Or I`ll go and miss all the fuss Cos this time it`s a must I`m gonna meet the boy...

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