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  • Berlin

    da uhvati licno Adolfa za usi,
    a kada je stigao negde do Beca,
    vec su ga prestigli Ameri i Rusi.
    Te zime je bilo vruce u Berlinu,
    na nebu je pisalo B-52
    i veliki buketi od usijanog gvozdja,
    su padali na krovov...


  • Bus Stops

    featuring Aceyalone


    They on the bus stops
    They out bumpin` the sound
    They at every mall in the city
    Take a look at `em cruising around


    I seen...

Xzibit f Nate Dogg

  • Been a Long Time

    [Saafir as radio host] Rrrah, uhh, bitch! It`s radio radio station, cat Xzibit huh? K-W-Balls, Daniel Thompson hold like this Like that in fact, with a fat-ass Battlecat track I`m takin caller number one, that is..

Z-Ro f Trey D

  • In My Prime

    [Hook] In my prime, and its bout my time to shine Had enough of struggling, now I`m destined for dolla signs In my prime, know you hate on all my rhymes Trying to be a living legend, in my lifetime [Z-Ro] In my prime, I`m professing my reason for rhym...

Funkmaster Flex f Missy

  • Missy Freestyle

    Mi-Missy! (I`m Supa Dupa Fly) Mi-Missy! (Sup-Supa Dup-Sup Sup) I`m Su-Supa Fly, Su-Supa Fly Missy!! What`s my name -- Mi-Missy! What`s my name -- Mi-Missy! Yo, uh-huh (Supa Fly) Icki-icki-icki-icki-icki-icki (UHHH) Dag-gonit, who smoked my motherfuck...

Jennifer Lopez f Ghostface Killah

  • Love Don`t Cost a Thing (Neptunes Remix)

    [Chorus: Jennifer Lopez] Think you gotta keep me iced, you don`t Think I`m gonna spend your cash, I won`t Even if you were broke My love don`t cost a thing Think I wanna drive your Benz, I don`t If I wanna floss, I got my own Even if you were broke My ...

Lil` Cease f Joe Hooker, Mr. Bristal, Re

  • Future Sport

    [Lil` Cease] Let the Mony out (yo, yo) Let the Mony out (yo, yo) *Monkey noises* [Redman] Yo, yo, this Funk Doc Straight up, nigga, lay down No time to play now (uh ha) Brace be around your hip from the waist down Keep it calm and don`t react Cognac b...


  • Ditty

    Yo, this is how I`m comin` for the nine deuce Another fat, fat track So Rhythm D, pour the orange juice And let`s relax while sippin` on yak Because it`s like that I`m clostraphobic, so Paperboy wears pruple lactive I wear a jimmy for the skins Cuz it`...

Justin Timberlake f Clipse

  • Like I Love You

    [Intro: Justin Timberlake] Just something about you... Way I`m lookin at you whatever You keep lookin at me... You gettin scared now, right? Don`t feel me baby, it`s just Justin It feel good right?...

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