Future Sport — текст песни (Lil` Cease f Joe Hooker, Mr. Bristal, Re)

[Lil` Cease]
Let the Mony out (yo, yo)
Let the Mony out (yo, yo)
*Monkey noises*

Yo, yo, this Funk Doc
Straight up, nigga, lay down
No time to play now (uh ha)
Brace be around your hip from the waist down
Keep it calm and don`t react
Cognac be the Zodiac
Lo, we back, cock, so these cats won`t relax
You see the face through the open mask, body
Open gash, hoes throw me cash
We gon blow, front row, do tash
I`m a what you call a dog *Dog barking*
Fucking girls that do hair in mini-malls
Lunatic when Doc spit, four patted walls (uh ha)
Sick therapy got you back in the raw (uh ha)
Cocky mass, I put the axe in the door
Massacre, seminars off Branson jars
I`ll strip your hoe, strip your Benz
Even strip that black line on your Master Card
Card, card, card

[Joe Hooker- Chorus]
You`re `fraid to say what you mean
You`re just too scared to say what you feel
You`re afraid of us
You`re afraid of us

[Mr. Bristal]
BK niggas, hold it down correct (uh ha)
Been a long time coming, niggas better start running
Do more than top-gunning
Dumming like a fifty-dollar sum
And y`all cowards don`t mean nothing (uh huh)
Kept it real with this Rap shit while you try to go Pop
I got the Maz` flow down on the schemes and plots (uh ha)
If I want, nigga, I could come and take your block
So call them, the first one to call the cops
Like a lesbi, strictly platinum status nigga, let`s see
I don`t wanna test, B, niggas don`t impress me
Who got you gassed like Ghetty, funny like Eddie? (uh huh)
Bris` flow deadly, cuttin` niggas like a machete
Done, I die tech when it`s indirect (c`mon)
The home team woulda never let a nigga disrespect (c`mon)
We carry every object, enough ammo to take `em (uh huh)
Any ghetto project, so what nigga wanna test? (aaaahhh!)


[Lil` Cease]
Yo, yo, ha ha, yo
It`s the phenomenonal Cease, kill more than cancer
Serious, real thug, no dancer (what)
More cheese than cameras, cock them hammers (uh)
My fo` fo` leave niggas bent like Montana
I`m killer than these cats could imagine when I`m rapping (oww)
I make it happen when I`m relaxing
Who want action? I`ma give you whatcha bargain for
It`s not friction, it`s like fiction
Puttin` these cats outta commission
Flows that`s devastatin`, I`m dissin`, so listen
If it`s hot, then get the fuck out the kitchen
We All-City, we all-pretty
Niggas rather die just to floss wit` me (ha)
Keep it real, fuck how niggas feel (feel)
Cuz this direct shit gonna get niggas killed
Niggas sayin` Cease can`t write, Cease can`t rob (yo)
Little do they know, I`m ahead of my time
Future rhymes, what

[Chorus to end]

[Lil` Cease]
Yo, c`mon
Yo, yo, say what
Ha ha, yo
You afraid
You afraid
Yeah, yo
Uh huh, uh huh, huh
Future sport motherfuckers
Buck buck buck buck
Huh, ahhhh!
Uh huh, c`mon
Uh huh, huh
Ha ha, ha

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