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  • Nasty

    I`m gonna tell you a little story
    About this girl we used to know
    She was a friend and so
    I`ve only got one thing say
    She`s so nasty!

    Oooh Ooh Ooh

    Goes a little something like this!
    Hit it!...

Notorious B.I.G.

  • 16 Bars

    * recorded live; some idiot yelling YO BIGGIE MAN! and GO BIGGIE MAN! obscured this line - it`s not very clear [Big] Cut that shit off man [Puff] What you`re about to see comin next is [Big] Rhyme for rhyme (??) [Puff] The nigga that`s represented ...

Rea Chris

  • Anyone Quite Like You

    (4.49) Ten Thousand princes I`ve seen them all I`ve seen them come And I`ve seen them fall I`ve watched them win I`ve watched them loose Since you`ve been around No-one gets to choose Because when the game begins And the time is n...

Spice 1 f Kyoz and Den Fen

  • Fuck The World

    (Chorus: Spice 1) FUCK THE WORLD, I`ll load my clips Slang my ki`s, smokin` ounces Dump niggas in ditches cause I`m a rider One of the 50 calibur inside ya FUCK THE WORLD, I`ll load my clips Slang my ki`s, smokin` ounces Dump niggas in ditches cause I`...


  • 1nce Upon A Time

    featuring C Loc

    [Silkk The Shocker]
    Once apon a time in a crack house (a crack house)
    a nigga was chopping up a key (a key)
    It was drought season (season)
    And everybody was fiending (fiending)
    So ...

Алексей Дидуров, Сандро Эристави

  • Этюд

    Стихи Алексея Дидурова

    Музыка Сандро Эристави

    Лист календарный, горсть монет,

    Сонет - мой быт стал проще, строже.

    А что на свете счастья нет -

    Так и покоя с воле...

A Taste Of Honey

  • Ave Maria

    Ave Maria!
    Maiden mild!
    Oh, listen to a maiden`s prayer
    For thou canst hear amid the wild
    `Tis thou, `tis thou canst save amid despair
    We slumber safely till the morrow
    Though we`ve by man outcast reviled

Brian McKnight f Nate Dogg

  • Don`t Know Where to Start

    Yeah... Ooh... Midnight at the valet He already knows gotta keep me up from Headin out to security Holdin` back the crowd as he opens the door Give the fellas ? haterade To form a group and even get through the door And it`s ok cos it`s the weekend An...

Common f Black Thought

  • One Day It`ll All Make Sense

    Black Thought: It`s a frantic situation(x7) Common: Extra salty cuz whoever beat me, got me for this 31-inch And this Alpha Bailey jacket I had just bought me Out of snappin, my God tried to talk me But what could get me half way calm was this Donny H...

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