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  • Anywhere

    [Proof] Singular in the mind, I`m who you would construction Amaze it in vocab, unique good production Pilots, now it`s revenger for real one One in the million drastic with verbal nastics radical back you go and askin what you rappin fo Inferity since...

L.A. Star

  • Fade to Black

    [ VERSE 1 ] Ya ever wonder about the future? Schemin and dreamin for a power booster I`m a female, and you can see in my eyes Tears I cry as the next man lies There`s a remedy for a help that`s needed Gun to his head and his life he pleaded Compassion,...

Outsmarting Simon

  • ...And So Ends The Drought

    <table width=430><tr><td align=center> the rain poured down that day i sat watching and waiting for signs with the sky crashing down upon my head i stared at her feet eyes like angels feet drenched and toes clinc...

Pretty Willie f Omaze

  • Designer Love

    (Chorus 2X) She want a lot of love But his ballin` got your hand with that designer love And I wanna change your world But you`re such a material girl Now I done seen so many girls Let a man come in and change their whole world Okay I know you like ni...

Ludacris f Fate Wilson, I-20, Shawna

  • Get the Fuck Back

    [intro I-20] What the fuck`s up! DTP in this mother fucker And for all ya`ll that don`t like it Do one thing, get the fuck back `Cause all my niggas iz ready Luda, 20, Fate, Shawna Let`s show these mutha fuckers how we disturb the peace Get the fuck ba...

Ja Rule f Case

  • Livin` it Up

    [Ja Rule] Yea, yea, yea Where all my... Uhh, yea.. c`mon, c`mon uhh To all my bitches that be givin it up, uh To all my niggaz that be livin it up, we say...

Kelis Nas

  • In public

    See its this thing (Kelis) I like being seen outside In my ride (Your tasty) I like it everywhere (cookies tasty) (Tasty) (Yeah Let`s Go) He was next to me Our flight was supposed to leave around 2:53 All I wanted to see Is what would he do if i dropp...

Outlawz f Akwylah, Smooth, Trife, and Di

  • Murder Made Easy

    [Young Noble] (talking) Outlaw, Outlaw Bring your mother fucking Jersey Mob In the name of Makaveli The Don, the killa motherfuckin Kadafi [Akwylah - Verse 1] Everybody wanna know how I live my life (pucka) Where`s my balls? (pucka) Where`s my ice? No...


  • Above The Rim soundtrack

    1 - Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoochie Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, groove with me Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoochie Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, groove with me So you`re trippin`, cuz I`m a little rougher than you`re used to I ain`t the one you act a fool to Step to me...

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