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Black Azz Chill

  • Don`t Ever

    Now you can bet that I will never trust no broad no more Cos when you think that they`re simpin, ain`t them rose devils Now I`ma tell you bout this story bout this broad named Nayhi and how it all changed me and put that hog in me And I admit she had m...

C-B0 f Spice 1

  • Major Pain & Mr. Bossalini

    Verse 1-(C-BO) We got the warehouse packed from Lamborginis to Lacs, more ruby an flame pack, than metro rap, got keys on knees wit g`s out of state, flippin more yay than IHOP flip pancakes, I`m a boss balla now, shot calla now rose`s Bentley`s nigga...


  • The Dark Side

    Another cold and lonley rainy day comes to an end. I have to clear my mind before i sleep or else attend. To close my eyes and realise theret nothing left but light. I need shadow i need darkness to help me through the night.

Les Miserables

  • A Heart Full Of Love

    [Marius goes into the garden, leaving Eponine outside.] Marius A heart full of love A heart full of song I`m doing everything all wrong Oh God, for shame I do not even know your name Dead Mad`moiselle...


  • Agitated

    You make me agitated,
    You know i appreciate it
    Why can`t i complicate it
    So why should i look at you
    My love here is so true (very uncertain about that)

    You do it to me sweetly
    Do them yeaahh...

Nature f Nas

  • For All Seasons

    [Nature] Do you see what I see? Do you smoke what I smoke? Do you wanna smoke? Do you wanna ride? Yeah aiyyo aiyyo When I walk into a room, niggas feel a slight breeze Stay a little while till they feel they might freeze Never understood why they nev...


  • Bad Boyz

    Feat. barrington levy [shyne] Now tell me who want to fuck with us? Ashes to ashes, dust to dust I bang - and let your fuckin brains hang, snitches Fuck marla maple bitches with riches Who carry 22s, up in they hosiery A...


  • $85 Bucks an Hour

    (Violent J) Chillin` at the studio... Chillin at the studio, 85 bucks an hour so hurry up and loop a beat Mike.


  • Born Gangstaz

    AK 47, Mossberg - buck buck from the glock! Any motherfucker that step up fuck around and catch a bad one; Bo$$ is in the house! Slaughterhouse, do this shit! Prepare your motherfuckin selves, cause the shit is comin! It`s a motherfuckin, STORM! So B...

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